What do you all think of these?

  1. Okay, call me crazy, but I've been looking for a pair of leopard print heels or flats for a while now :shame: I just came across the Cynthia wedges, and I really like them.


    Two questions:

    1. What do you all think of these shoes? Does anyone own them and if so, are they comfortable?

    2. Do you ladies think that this style will more than likely go on sale eventually? I would love to order them, but if they may go on sale, maybe I should wait? I can't help it, I love a bargain :nuts:

    Any help would be appreciated. TIA!
  2. Those are on-sale at Barneys -- marked-down really low (in the $200's) already. Last time I was at Barneys Madison Ave. there were still quite a few pairs available as the "Cynthia" supposedly wasn't too popular a style. BTW they also had the "Miminette" wedge in that exact leopard print patent -- I highly recommend that shoe (also marked down to ~$250 or something like that)....it's like the "Cynthia" except instead of a slingback it's a closed-heel wedge.
  3. They are also on sale at Barney's in Boston if NYC doesn't have your size.
  4. I have that pattern in the pigalle 70's and I love them. I am not much of a wedge person, but YOU have to like them, not me.
  5. Cristina, I saw those in person at Saks, and I think they are really cute! Go for them, especially when they are on sale.
  6. ^ Thanks, foxy. It doesn't show them on sale on the Barneys Web site - wondering why the price was so low ;) Maybe I'll go for it. Or maybe I'll order those Miu Miu sandals I've been lusting after. As if I need another pair of shoes :rolleyes:

    ETA - Thanks, Louboutin experts! This sub forum is great.
  7. I just got that pair but in navy at Barneys Beverly Hills. I LOVE them, so comfy!
  8. ^ Good to know! :nuts:

    All right, I broke down and ordered the Cynthia wedges along with these Miu Miu sandals, which I've been eyeing since they went on sale :shame: I'm limiting myself to keeping only one pair, so we'll see what happens. At least shipping is free!

  9. Hi Cristina, I also fell in love with these wedges and tried them on at Barney's SF. They look SO gorgeous, everywhere except the toe box! I love toe cleavage as much as the next girl, but for some reason, my feet in these shoes made my toe cleavage impossible to miss. That's the only reason I put the shoes back. I hope they work out for you though, they look beautiful in leapord!