What do you all think of these bags?

  1. I need opinions. Thank you. :wlae:

    #1 Isabella Fiore


    #2 Chloe


    #3 Kooba


    #4 Cole Haan


    #5 another Kooba

  2. I like the 5th one the best.
  3. #1 I don't like the ruching; #2 I love (but I'm kind of biased towards Chloe); #3 and #4 are ok; but I think #5 I like the most. Either that or #2 the Chloe.
  4. I like the Chloe and the #5 Kooba
  5. i like the chloe the best (except for the horsey thing) followed by the cole haan.
  6. I like the 5th picture of the Kooba the best. I would have chose the first IF, but I like the original Audra better (is that what it's called?).
  7. I think 5 is my fave too. Especially for the price compared to the Chloe, my other fave.
  8. My opinion, your tastes may be different;)

    Number 1 -- too busy

    Number 2 -- awkward shape

    Number 3 -- very pretty

    Number 4 -- gorgeous

    Number 5 -- like the shape, but not sure about the details
  9. i like the 4th one.
  10. I like both Koobas the best. I don't like the Chloe at all. The IF is okay but does nothing. Cloe Haan is good too.
  11. Chloe.
  12. THANK YOU everyone for your opinions! They are nice to hear.
  13. I like the Cole Haan. The leather looks really soft.