What do you all think of the vinyl scarf bags?

  1. Not an LV expert ... So I am not even sure what they are called but ... I saw them in the stores ... and my husband thought they looked rather cheap - like those plastic bags you take to the beach ...
  2. I don't like them at all. just my opinion.
    (from 'Little Women')
  3. I don't think the vinyl collection is that sucessful. Unless you are a super LV fan, most people backed off from this line.
  4. I like the cles..

    (picture from ebay)
  5. I dont really like it, there is a photo some where on here w/ Grace from the Will and Grace Show:shame: she has it on, its alright.. so many other cute ones to choose from. If the musette was a bit cheaper like 1/2 or 75% off its price right now i'd buy it. :lol:
  6. it is very pricey ... i liked it on the runway ... but in reality ... not so great ... don't think MJ has a winner with this one ...
  7. Its called the Monogram Charms line. I bought the pochette and my first reaction was also that it felt cheap but now that I have it, it has really grown on me. The fuschia color is so vibrant and the fact that most people think its too pricey, I know I won't be seeing everyone with one so that's a bonus.
  8. I don't like the Charms line at all. So overpriced.
  9. Great signature bethany I love Little Women. It's my favorite novel.
  10. Lol, even though it's limited edition, it doesn't seem really successful to me cause it's not totally sold out yet. IMO if you didn't know the lv models extensively, people will think that it's fake and that lv never came out with it.
  11. My thoughts exactly.
    Plus, who cares if people think they're fake? Buy them because you like them, not because you want to be positive that everyone knows it's real.
    I always thought the Ambre line was fake because I never saw anyone with any real ones to ever compare it to.

    Here are mine..the Cabas in Taupe and the Pochette in Fuchsia. Hopefully soon I'll be adding a wallet in either Taupe or Fuchsia and a keycase in white.They're so gorgeous in person and the leather is softer than any other I've felt..kind of like a worn in leather jacket.
  12. ^I agree with what Rebecca said!

    I think the small accessories are really cute. I have the pochette and the cles in fuchsia, but I want a cles in each color :P
  13. what are the price ranges???
  14. It's not my cup of tea. Actually Lv doesn't have anything I like this year except for the Damier speedy. So I switched to other designers.
  15. I'm not too excited about them. They look kinda like Gucci replicas IMO.