What do you all think of the Patchwork Ines?

  1. Helloooo there. I'm new to MJ but have recently caught the bug! I'm interested in the Patchwork Ines and have looked at photos here and elsewhere, but haven't seen it IRL yet. Does anyone own this bag and can you share some insight/opinions?

    Is it heavy?
    Is it comfortable to carry?
    Is it soft or rigid?
    How much does it hold?
    Do you wear it for day and/or evening?

    Love or hate it?

    Thank you in advance!:heart:
  2. cornetto, there are other recent posts on this bag, which is probably why you're not getting posts about it. anyway it's a very pretty bag, it's probably destine to be a classic because it's classy and can be dressed up or down.

    it's not very heavy, when compared to the stam, less chains too

    it seems comfortable to carry when i saw it at nm, however i doubt you could put it on your shoulder, as the straps are only about 6 inches, if you're small, you should be able to though, it just depends

    it's soft, most mj bags are not rigid, the leather is so soft and gets softer, though they maintain their shape.

    like most mj bags, they're a good size, meaning you can hold more than
    lipstick and a piece of gum, lol so if you like bags of a decent size you'll like it, it's probably 12 inches wide by 7 tall and 3 deep. i'm not positive but that's my guess

    ok, it's a very very versatile bag, you can wear it day or evening and casual or made up, it's one of those, shoot if you're spending that kinda money without waiting for a possible sale, you'd better be able to use it anyway you want. it's suggest you go for a striking color if you have some nice designer bags already, break the mold and get red, lol i'll live vicariously through you

    love it! without a doubt
  3. Thanks, aggie, for your helpful response! :heart:After I posted my thread, I did another search for "ines" (instead of "patchwork" like I had done originally) and found the other threads. I was curious to see if there are any Ines owners out there as there seems to be way more Stam owners/fans.

    I'm glad to hear that you feel the Ines is comfy and relatively light. I agree that a striking, non-neutral colour would be fab! But I think it's only available in black, chocolate, and peanut -- at least on the web sites that I've checked.

    Hopefully, I can locate an Ines in Vancouver, Canada, so I can give her a twirl. We have only one luxury department store that carries MJ and they are marked up significantly. :tdown:Otherwise, I'll head to Nordies Seattle sometime soon.

    Thanks again for your insight!
  4. ^ the ines is available in dijon (a bright, attention-grabbing yellow) and bordeaux. you'll be able to see it if you go to marcjacobs.com. most department stores did not order these colors though, but perhaps you can call the closest mj boutique and see if they ship to canada?
  5. Thanks tadpolenyc and digablebeatz for the additional info! :heart: I will look into the Purse Store and MJ boutique options. The more research I'm doing on the Ines, the more I want her!
  6. Yeah I saw the Ines at Holts in Black and Brown only. It seems comfortable and looks like it can hold lots.

    I might get it later on during US Thanksgiving in Bone or Peanut...
  7. Yeah, wish Holts has it in bordeoux -- yum! I'm either going to wait for Holt's cardholder's shopping night in Dec (25% off!) or get the bag in the States. But problem with the latter option is if you declare it, you'll have to pay duty/taxes on top of US$1395. Or try to smuggle it across the border but I'm too chicken to do that. With my luck, I'll get caught. :p
  8. cornetto, why would you get caught?? just take a cheap old handbag with all your stuff in it and when you buy your new bag transfer all your stuff and get rid of the old one, lol you gals are funny, you don't need the box or bag from the store just the handbag, i would strongly suggest you visit the Neiman Marcus' in the states, the one in troy, michigan is awesome.
  9. Yes, yes, I agree that would be the best way to do it, aggie. :graucho: But it is risky business. Some of the customs officers are fashion-conscious women who sniff out luxury goods. I have friends who were harrassed for wearing/bringing items that look new. One of them almost got her LV bag confiscated! With clothing, there is an import number (CA #####) that shows if it was imported into Canada for sale. If your shirt has that number, it means you bought it in Canada. If it doesn't, it means you bought it out of the country. I'm not sure how it works with handbags. I should check mine to see if there are such discriminating numbers or tags.

    Also, I'm kinda on the Canada Customs radar because I bought a nice watch overseas and got caught! Had to pay 30% duty (!!!) but luckily they let me go without a fine. :wtf:
  10. ^ what?! sounds ridiculous! it seems i would have an easier time smuggling drugs into canada than i would bringing in my designer handbag.