What do you all think of the Ergo Belted Leather Hobo (USD 328)

  1. Hi. I'm thinking of using the 25% discount to get this bag. Anyone already owns it and care to share some pics of u modelling with the bag? I'm not sure what colour I should get though, parchment (white) or tobacco..

    Any advise? Need to confirm before sale ends!
  2. I don't have a belted ergo, but I have 2 ergo hobos and I love ERGO!!! They are the most comfortable bag I own.. and I plan on getting more.. in all sizes:lol: I think you would be very happy with this bag.. and I love the tobacco color BTW
  3. Tobacco has my vote too, the parchment might get color transfer on it. I own no ergo, but I tried one on and it felt so awesome! It's totally worth it too, with the sale and all.
  4. I pranced around Nordies for about 10 minutes once with the belted ergo in plum, I LOVE HER. I love neat hardware and the belted look gives the ergo something extra. I personally would get the parchment because you could use it all summer and the ergo shape is VERY lightweight and fits a lot of stuff in it. Unfortunately I don't own that particular bag but I have the large patent ergo hobo and it is delightfully slouchy and can be dressy or casual at moment's notice.
  5. Get the Ergo, you won't regret it (hopefully). It's comfy, pretty, and unique. As for the color, I'm not sure. I guess it depends if this would be your everyday kinda bag or special occassions and etc. If it's a everyday bag then get a color that you would think would match most of your outfits. Anyway, Good luck! I wish I had a discount.
  6. I loved the plum ergo hobo too.. But I dun see it as one of the colors available on website.. Cos I dun stay in US.. getting someone to purchase it for me.. and she happens to be a VIP member.. So plum ergo leather hobo is available in some stores only?? cos the store she checked at did not carry tt color.. So if there's plum.. what should I take? plum or tobacco.. can't reli decide..
  7. I like the look of the belted ergo. I definitely think it would be a good way to use your 25% coupon. Go for it!
  8. I like it, it's very cute!
  9. Thanks.. if it's u.. which color? plum/tobacco/white?

    I'm not crazy enuf to get all three colors..
    Currently i own 1 black carly, 1 light brown optic satchel, 1 brown sig stripe, 1 brown legacy shoulder bag, 1 black sig small hobo.. if u notice, it's either black or brown..

    Y white? cos i dun have a white bag. Y not to choose white? maintaining the rich white colour is diff esp for a rugged user like me..

    Y tobacco? in a shade of brown tt i dun haf.. the richness of leather can be seen very clearly.. Y not to choose tobacco? cos i haf 3 other brown sig bags..

    Y plum? nice, unique color.. Y not to choose plum? may b hard to match wif every day work wear..

    I've stated all the pros n cons here.. can someone help me!!!!
  10. I vote for the plum ergo! I LOVE that bag! I dont think you will have too much trouble matching that - I think it will be perfect b/c it goes with both black and brown.
  11. I have the medium Ergo Belted Hobo in black leather and I LOVE it! It is so lightweight and has become my every day bag lately. I would definitely recommend it. If I were to get another one, I would get the tobacco color.
  12. I totally agree!!!!!!! I dont have the belted ergo either, but I have the medium chocolate signature ergo hobo and LOVE this bag!!! ERGO's are THE MOST comfortable bags you will EVER wear, and that plum leather is TDF!!!!! Cant wait to hear your decision and see pics!!!! good luck!
  13. I have the medium belted ergo in plum and it is one of my favorite bags ever. I love the plum color because I have a lot of black and brown bags, but not too many in other colors. It is very comfortable to wear and looks really classy on. Lets see if I am able to put a photo on here...
    ergo smallest.JPG
  14. :drool: OMG :drool: You have me TOTALLY drooling here!!! Your bag is GORGEOUS!!!! I have 2 initial charms hanging on my signature ergo hobo in the SAME exact place as yours, w/ one lower than the other (to symbolize my children's first initials., they bought them for me ;))!!!!

  15. It used to be online...so I would call JAX or have your friend do it and ask after it...or have her call around to some stores.... :smile: I know my Nordstrom also had the belted ergo in plum.:wlae: