What do you all think of the Christmas gift I got for one of my best friends??

  1. I hope she loves it. I do not know alot about Coach, but these two things looked so cute to me. I hope she loves them. We have a Coach outlet here so I got them 20% off and another 10% was added for a one day special!!! The store was PACKED!!! lol All the cruise ship travlers always hit this store. They had alot of good deals. Anyway, what do you all think?
    pics 691.jpg pics 690.jpg
  2. They're very nice.. and you're such a wonderful friend :heart:
  3. I just noticed I did not even straighten the strap out when I took a pic!! I love the strap!! Its wide...very cute!
  4. Will you be my friend?:graucho:

    I think they are really cute!

    I think she will love them! You are a great friend. I would LOVE pretty much anything a friend got me:love:
  5. What a great friend you are Sunshine! I think she will love them! :tup:
  6. Those are awesome presents! She'll adore them. :smile:
  7. I think they're great and she'll love them!
  8. I think she will like them, they are awesome.
  9. I love matching sets, the combo looks great.
  10. Is this bag like so last year?? I have no idea about Coach...I hope I did not get her something "old"?
  11. Wow, your an awesome friend!!! Great gift! She will LOVE it!!!
  12. Sunshine my girl!
    You are one awsome friend! You done good sweets! Love them:yes::heart::tup:
  13. Really nice of you. You have excellent taste and your friend is very lucky!
  14. GREAT choices!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your friend is lucky to have you!
  15. I love it! You are such a great friend. I wish someone would give me Coach as a present. Lucky gal.