what do you all think of Red leather with gold HW in MAM bag

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  1. Hi I was thinking of buying a MAM bag in red with gold HW online so I have'nt seen it in person but the leather looks like lamb skin and seems a little distressed it has the new strap design and looks slightly orange/coral from the pics although I can't really be sure anyway I would love to hear your thoughts if you are familiar with this color thanks.
  2. Is it the new blood red color? If so, it is really nice leather, almost a glazed look to it with some distressing so that the leather looks well worn with a patina. The one I saw IRL had brushed gold hardware, so it popped, but wasn't too bingy. Hope that helps.
  3. I'm not sure...

    If it's the Persimmon, I'm not madly in love.
  4. Is it like this?
    Tara posted some photos with Red MAM w/ gold HW
  5. Yes it is glazed leather but I think it has a slight coral undertone no its not the persimmon color I am not sure if it the blood red color but it does have a red zipper track thanks.
  6. Red with gold HW is one of my favorite combinations ever- but I am a pretty much indiscriminate red-lover, so take my enthusiasm for this combo with a grain of salt:smile:.
  7. I agree there is something about the gold hardware with red leather sometimes the silver or antique silver hardware make the bag look old for some reason even though I am a silver person I still love the gold on my bags.
  8. I love the MAM in Blood Red. I prefer silver HW but the gold on this bag won me over
    Here are few pictures I took without a flash.

  9. I think the gold and red together looks SOOOOO rich!:cloud9:
  10. Agree, it looks beautiful! I admit I am partial to gold hardware though. :smile:
  11. Me too.:smile:
  12. I usually only like silver tone hardware, but I love how the gold on the blood red is brushed, so it isn't as shiny. It totally makes the bag!
  13. Same here....I like the red leather with matte gold or brass, or even antique brass. Dark brick-y reds with antique brass HW.......:drool:
  14. Yep, I think red + gold looks stunning! Especially the new blood red + gold, it just pops! Plus I think the red looks fantastic against the new Fall lining too.
  15. I like!