What do you all think about the Cannelle?

  1. [​IMG]

    Megs and I picked this bag for our giveaway because 1. we love the Alma and 2. the new cinnamon'ish Cannelle seems like such a good color for Autumn.

    Would you have picked a different color? :smile:
  2. NOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! I agree with you, it is great for Fall. To me it seems like it is a bag for Fall. I love it, I just love the Alma, and in that color, makes it just beautiful!!!!!! Thank you guys!!!
  3. I am not trying to suck-up when I say this....you two could not have chosen a better bag IMO. The color is just amazing and will appeal to soooo many people, everyone loves EPI and the alma and cles are two of the most loved LV items around. The scarf is gorgeous as well. I think you did an amazing job!
  4. I love it! An Alma ,especially in Cannelle will be in fashion forever and ever!
  5. i guess it depends on who you ask. the color is not for me but the bag still looks great.
  6. I like how you picked the newest of New color for EPI so I think it's a great choice...at first Canelle in stock photo form is pretty horrible looking...but in actual pictures, not bad at all...
  7. I love it! I've seen it in person..reminds me of melted chocolate for some reason!! yum
  8. Totally nougat color! The online colors don't do the bag justice, the real life tone is much richer and pretty to look at.

    We first thought to go with a universal black tone, along with a red scarf, but then our SA at Bal Harbour showed us the brand new shade and we were sold!
  9. Great choice, Vlad and Megs:smile:
  10. P.S. I will take more pictures in the daylight, as much as I tweaked to capture the real tone, the flash light and poor night-time lightning conditions still kept me from getting perfect results.
  11. Gorgeous choice. Perfectly classic, classy -- all around lovely and will make a tPF member very happy. :smile:
  12. Nice : )
  13. I agree that the color is awesome for Fall! Plus it will work for people who might wear a lot of black or earth tone colors.
  14. One word...GORGEOUS! and some drool. :drool:
  15. Excellent choice of color. It's slowly growing on me. ;)