what do you all think about smoky quartz?

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  1. I was thinking about buy a smoky quartz ring tomorrow. It has a large oval shaped smoky quartz and then smaller smoky quartz around it. Kind of like a flower shape. It is hard to describe, but it is very pretty. Does anyone else love smoky quartz as well? If you have any pictures please feel free to share those too. Would you say that SQ could be worn as an everyday ring or does it depend on the setting? Thanks in advance.:heart:
  2. The ring looks similar to this. Except the flower petals are quartz instead of diamonds.

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  3. I think smoky quartz is VERY pretty and will look great with a lot of outfits and in any season!!!
  4. Thanks! I love gemstone rings and I was looking for something that would match my browns, oranges, and reds. I would like to get a ring in every gemstone if that is possible. I love colorful gems more than diamonds. That might be weird I know, but I just love semi precious gemstones.
  5. I have a couple smoky quartz cocktail style rings and adore them. So gorgeous!
  6. ^^ You must have lovely coctail rings. I asked about smoky quartz because I hardly ever see anyone in real life with a SQ ring. Also, I never see them posted here. Most often it is diamonds, blue topaz, and, amethyst. I just wondered if this stone is even popular. I guess it is somewhat then?
  7. I love smoky quartz! I saw a ring once that was so pretty and a great price- I am still kicking myself for not buying it.
  8. I love smoky quartz! It is one of my favorite stones. I have several. I especially love it in a gold setting! I think you can wear it day or night.
  9. Very pretty!
  10. Wow! I figured it wasn't that popular. I guess it is popular then? Also, is smoky quartz and smoky topaz the same gemstone? THanks for the replies. Does anyone have any pictures to share?
  11. I love smoky quartz too! I've got brown eyes/brown hair, and I find it very complimentary. It matches a lot of outfits.

    I own this David Yurman cocktail ring in smoky quartz. Whenever I look at it, it reminds me of those "rootbeer barrel" candies that I used to eat as a kid, lol! :P


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  12. ^^That is a beautiful smoky quartz! I love the color of it and the band. Thanks for posting the picture. I think DY jewelry is very pretty and unique. I don't have any of his pieces, but maybe I might look at them in the future. Very pretty ring!
  13. Smoky quartz is beautiful. It's a lovely color!
  14. I changed my mind and I just bought this LeVian ring on Sale! This is my second LeVian ring! Can't wait for it to come to me soon!

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  15. They are two different minerals and the quartz is just brown, from my understanding. I have read that many labeled "smoky topaz" stones are actually quartz and it is dishonest selling, when I was looking for info on smoky quartz rings online and trying to find one similar to what I passed up. I don't know if topaz comes in this shade or not, but from what I remember, I don't recall any true topaz stones w/ this coloring. Maybe someone else has more info on this?