What do you add to your oatmeal?

  1. Cinnamon and a half tablespoon of almond butter
  2. Delicious! Do you cook the pumpkin in it? How?

    I add either almond or coconut milk with raw honey, chia seeds, and some kind of fruit.
  3. walnuts, berries, raisins, banana
  4. Strawberry chobani yogurt and sliced bananas
  5. I just started adding a banana to mine and it's DELICIOUS. Smells like banana bread and keeps me full for a long time. I slice it up and put it in with the water and oatmeal for half the time, then take it out to mash up (it'll be soft at this point) and then finish up the time.
  6. mashed banana, cinnamon & slice granny apples
  7. Banana,cinnamon,peanut butter,and even raisins sometimes!
  8. I like to cook it with chunked up apple in it and lots of cinnamon. Then about a little brown sugar at the end with some milk on top.
  9. same here. :smile:
  10. A little butter.
  11. almonds, fruit, raisins, bananas
  12. cinnamon, sultanas and banana or grated apple.
  13. Honey, raisins, banana.
  14. Cinnamon or Raspberries
  15. Condensed milk and bananas