What do you add to your oatmeal?

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  1. cinnamon
  2. I dont use instant oatmeal but use coarse cut oatflakes mixed with different type of flakes and some hot water. I then add lemon juice, a fruit yoghourt, a grated apple, some milk to get the right consistency. And then just any type of fruit depending on my mood such as berries, pineapple, mango etc. I also sometimes add nuts or raisins.
    This thread inspired me to try with cinammon.
  3. A whole lot of sugar and honey. I can't stand it otherwise.
  4. I add milk and bananas. And sometimes just milk and tons of applejam.
  5. Personally I can't stand oatmeal, except cookies,hahah!

    But, ater working at a breakfast joint, I've seen people do it all:

    chocolate milk
    maple syrup
    sugar/brown sugar/powdered sugar
    chocolate syrup
    all fruits/berries etc
  6. ^^ ewwww! mayo, tomato, and assorted breakfast meats on oatmeal!
  7. Cookie!
  8. Nestle Quik Mix and a little milk.... it's sure to convert anyone who's not a fan of oatmeal... mmmmm mmmmm!!
  9. Fresh blueberries.
  10. I add banana or diced apples. Mmmm!
  11. Condensed milk
    Cream & Sugar
    Brown sugar

    this thread makes me want some oatmeal.
  12. Milk and brown sugar.
  13. Oh, and a little vanilla.
  14. A little sugar, a little milk and cinnamon, but not a big oatmeal eater would rather have Farina.
  15. Steel cut oatmeal with cream and brown sugar
    same goes with cream of wheat, yum!