What do yo think of the White MC Ursula??

  1. I'm thinking of buying this instead of buying the Marelle and the Black Shirley (which I can't find here in Hong Kong anymore..) neither the rosewood in red.. What do you think of the Ursula?? Any comments about this purse? I'm thinking of buying it instead.. and going to save my money for a little longer rather than buying Marelle & Shirley... Anyway, I still don't have an MC... What do you think??
  2. I think its a cute bag however I do prefer it in black.
  3. I love this bag and I personally prefer MC in white, I am not really liking the black.
  4. love it! in BLACK! not a fan of white MC...and it gets sooo dirty.
  5. i LOVE this! I haven't tried it in person yet, but I'd love to get one :p Hehe amongst other bags. It's quite large but I love large bags!! I also like it much better in white.
  6. I love white Multicolore...my favorite (other than brown mono). At first the ursula looked funny to me, too angular with lots of funny points. But I tried it on and it actually looks good worn on the shoulder. Definitely try in IRL to see if the both of you can hook up. :graucho:
  7. ^Actually, looking at it here in front of my pc, it doesn't look pretty.. not until i bumped into a lady here in HK that is wearing an ursula!! It's soo hot!! And the edges makes them an eyecandy bag!
  8. I haven't tried it on, but it looks pretty heavy so I don't know how I would really feel about carrying it daily.
  9. ^Oh yeah!! Is it heavy???
  10. It's really big!!
  11. You should PM Alaska, she has one and loves it. I think they are gorgeous.
  12. The Ursula is one of the most attractive MC bags IMO, though I do prefer it in black.
  13. I think it is a beautiful bag. I saw it IRL recently and was drooling!
  14. I own the White MC Ursula and it is my favorite bag by far from the MC line.

    The only reason I got it in White MC is because I already have a Black MC Speedy so I wanted to get something a little different.

    However, you can't go wrong with either White MC or Black MC as they look stunning in both colors.
  15. I also think it is a cute bag! I bought one, but I returned it. There is A LOT of exposed leather, and it is a little heavy for my taste, but it sure is GORGEOUS!