What do yo really love about your country?

  1. I love the freedom in my country. Gay people can mary here and soft drugs are legal i don't use these freedoms but they exist. I love that you can say almost anything you want and you have complete politcal freedom. I love how Amsterdam looks in the summer and the small cafe's in the center. I abselutely hate the weather but you can't have it all.
  2. The thing I love most about my country, Earth, is the sumptuous array of people, all the various flavors of my fellow earth residents, and the fabulous things they have made over the millennia - from delicious food to breathtaking art and architecture and music to the rainbow of fashion and assorted other ways in which they decorate themselves and their surroundings - and those surroundings are nothing to sneeze at, with mountains and oceans and deserts, oh my! And I love the cacaphonous symphony of languages they speak, some with things in common and traceable family trees, and some that just seem to have appeard spontaneously one day, and have no relation, even distant, with any of the others. Oh and the flowers! Earth has a staggering variety of them, all accessorized with little butterflies, and birds, and nibbled by rabbits and chipmunks, and all their animal cousins. I am particularly partial to elephants, which are native to Earth.

    I hope that beings from all over the universe will consider including Earth in their next vacation plans.

    I am very lucky to be a resident of my beautiful country - Earth!
  3. Freedom of speech, Freedom of thought, Freedom of action.
    Guess where I am ??
  4. Its youth (there are many reasons why I find this positive) and founding ideology.
  5. I know I love my country but i'm not sure why.
    Think I take the freedom for granted.
    I love that we're a nation of optimists when it comes to football. I love that we have history and will always have something to moan about (the english, :p).

    I love the scenery, the hills, the lochs, the islands - I really should do more sightseeing in my own country.
    I love that we invented almost everything and best of all I love Irn-Bru :nuts:
  6. I love all of my freedoms I get from being a US citizen. But the sad thing is little by little they're all going away..
  7. I enjoy the company of the people that live here. And I enjoy the fabulous health care.
  8. Haha, I just tried that, it's hard to believe it's an old recipe when it tastes like bubble gum. :confused1::p

    I like the wages of my country and... The fresh air easily accessible even inside the biggest cities (not that they're that big).. But um... not much more than that. And of course, I have my family here. =)

    It's much easier to think of bad things. :wlae:
  9. The people is what makes my country unique. We are quiet, odd and melancholic, but yet loyal and honest. I also love our clean nature and the fact that we still have all four seasons. The long, light summer feels extra special after the dark and cold winter.
  10. i love the history of my country, the history of the royal family is fascinating, why anybody would want to scrap the monarchy is beyond me!

    i love cups of tea, fish and chips, sunday dinners and coronation st! i love english accents, all of them, whether they be yorkshire, brummie, cockney or scouse!

    i adore the way my country comes together when england play in the world cup or the euro championships, everyone has st george flags everywhere and the whole country stops while the match is on! it's a shame that the same patriotism can't be displayed year round, not just when england are playing!

    it also really amuses me how we all talk about the weather so much!
  11. Everything :smile: Just warmer winters would be nice, otherwise, no where else I'd rather be. I do like that a pocket full of change can actually buy quite a bit! $2 coins are nice Lol

    Especially though, that Healthcare access is a fundamental right for all citizens, we are most proud of our country when abroad it seems, but at home we're pretty much just canucks, eh? and dont wear our patriotism on our sleaves, so to speak, its just a given that this place is great.

    Our cosmopolitain cities - freedom of course that we should never take for granted. I like the tradition of wearing poppies on Nov. 11th - Thanksgiving is to celebrate the end of the harvest, and being originally from Montreal, I loved how it really does feel more like Europe than anywhere else I've been in North America.

    I like being able to ask for 222's at the counter, Having Tourtiere, Vinigare with my fries, even poutine - of course Tim Hortons ROFL.
  12. I'm originally from Canada so I'll talk about Canada:

    The nice friendly people....knowing your neighbors...being able to stop and help someone on the side of the highway...knowing that people will stop if you're stranded on the side of the highway

    Free health care....don't need to say much more about that!

    A somewhat liberal attitude (current PM excluded LOL)....gay unions/marriages fully recognized....a soft stance on drugs....lower drinking age...lower gambling age (WOW..whata concept? 18 is considered an adult!)

    Good education system....more days a year spent in school to learn more!

    Dual official language....so nice to start learning a new language in elementary school and be constantly exposed to that language! Great for speakers of the second language (French) to not feel like they are not equal (although sometimes they do for other reasons)!

    Open door immigration policy...everyone is welcome!

    being able to vacation in Cuba (I've heard it's beautiful)

    Colorful money....and like Tina said...all those coins add up!

    A really cool looking flag!

    Great food from so many diverse cultures! Mmmmm perogies....mmmmmm fries and gravy..mmmmm poutine!

    Having a Queen...that is really just kinda cool...and soon hottie Prince William will be on the money! We need him to be King while he's young...I don't want old william on the money...I want hot William on the money (maybe his Dad'll step aside LOL)

    OK...I guess that's it for now! I love Canada and miss it! The only thing I despise is the winters!
  13. Lol Perogies, I have some in the fridge I think I'll heat some up, Twiggers! Rofl -- nice write up btw :smile: /hugs Tina.
  14. Yes! These are all things I love (and miss) about England. I also love fruit pastilles, smarties (like American m&m's, but waay better), and Ribena! I love how everything is more on a human scale in England, too. I was just blown away by how gigantic everything (and almost everyone) is in the US. ;)
  15. I'm also from a few other countries...

    Japan: Techie kings, great sense of humour, excellent food and fashion, fabulous history and architecture, inspiring sense of dignity and respect.

    Philippines: Funfunfun people, heart-warming friendliness, amazing musical/dancing skills, fantastic beaches, beautiful brown skin. :smile:

    Spain- Fiesta! Siesta! Fun-loving, hard-working people with big hearts.

    Frace- Kiers, the metro, understated "je ne sais quoi," les grands magasins, carambar candy!