What do yo ladies think of the Chloe Paddington Capsule?

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  1. Hi, I am looking to buy a new Chloe and this will be my third. I love the paddington and would really like to try out the new Chloe Paddington Capsule. Any opinions on this bag?
  2. Well - I really like it a lot. I love chains and the smaller lock is very cool.
  3. I just got the paddington capsule satchel and I really like it. The small lock is cool and the chain is subtle. I could see myself getting this in another color as well.
  4. Thanks for the advice. Im thinking of getting the mini capsule. Here's a pic.
  5. that bag is soooo cute! it really goes with the small lock, proportion wise!
  6. I havent seen either in real life yet, but the picture of the mini capsule is pretty darn cute. From the pics i've seen of the bigger ones, i'm not really a fan. I would really like to see that mini irl, tho.
  7. Really a cute bag, I ordered it, but returned it because it was just too small for me, but was hard to let it go, love the chain and lock. It's an adorable bag.
  8. I agree with CleoCouture, that size is perfect, not so sure about the larger ones.
  9. Have you seen this irl? This bag is really, really small. Much more like a porchette, about 7" in width, 4.5" in height and maybe about an inch for depth. I liked it at first, but my wallet won't even fit. If you are interested, Chloe boutique had this one on sale for 50% off.
  10. wow. thanks for the info. I am not really looking for a tiny bag. The measurements said 11W and I thought that would be good enough but now that you have said it's like a pouchette, I will probably need to see it irl. Thanks a lot.
  11. Hmm, just took a look at Bluefly's measurement and it says 10"wide, for some strange reason, when I saw it irl, I remembered it to be much smaller....Anyways, it is slightly less than that regular size paper, since paper is 8.5"by 11". Not big by all means. I believe the boutique prices are cheaper too, if they still got any. Check www.chloe.com for boutique numbers.