What do yo have to do to get kicked off Ebay anyway?

  1. Seriously - the seller that I was just dealing with for a 'bait and switch' now has 4 complaints about selling fakes to buyers (this is just in a 2 week period and that I KNOW of so who knows how many) and she has had complaints about offering to sell outside of eBay.
    Plus she had a listing up that I know many people reported (although it was not taken down).
    So - all this and eBay does NOTHING - WTF???
  2. Ugh I have wondered about this for a long time.
  3. I know it's unbelieveable that these people can continue to do business.
  4. Second that! Then the real honest sellers they only get punished!
  5. Apparently all you have to do is be a HELPFUL person and try to warn bidders against fakes. I've heard more stories about people getting suspended for that than actually SELLING fakes.
  6. :wtf:

    OK I have to admit, I once got suspended temporarily for telling off some crazy beeyotch on eBay's message boards. Heh. (she did too, though--and we were both gold powersellers at the time!)
  7. Lol. What did you tell her off for?

  8. WHA??? You can get kicked off for that but not for doing illegal things or for telling someone off in FB?
  9. I know that there are several people on this board who worship eBay. I think they would be the best bet in answering this question. :push:
  10. Ebay does not look at nor care about feedback. You need to write to ebay directly, or go to one of her auctions and report under FRAUD. The fraud report has a box where you can tell the story and they can suspend them from there.
  11. Yes believe it or not!
    I have received a few warnings.
    It's called interfering with an auction..

    I couldn't help it, I hated to see someone paying 1000 for a fake bag. I've done it a few times.
  12. I don't know~ But I was sent a HORRIBLE email via ebay and turned the guy in 2x. He is still selling...I got nothing but harassment.
  13. Cause she was a crazy beeyotch, that's what! Seriously, I can't even remember what all of the drama was really about, other than the fact that she routinely KWS-ed and misrepresented her crap she was selling. Then when people (other than me) called her out on it, on the message boards, somehow she blamed me for the whole thing. This went on for weeks until I finally just flipped out and let her have it.

    Needless to say, I no longer post to eBay's little message boards. They and the millions of idiots who come on daily and say "I bought this BIRKING (sic) for $500, is it real?" can go pound sand, to coin a phrase.
  14. I have reported her for fraud, reported her to Ebay for fraud and emailed them about the FB. I also know 2 other people for sure that have reported her for fraud.
  15. Then she probably has an uncle in the Ebay trust and Safety office! :tdown: