What do ya'll think of this Francesco Biasia bag?

  1. I'm looking for a practical bag that'll cost me less than $400.
    I ordered Hayden Harnett's Mercer and when I got it, there were scratches on the bottom metal hardwaress and the leather just seem a little dry (from being in storage for too long,maybe?).

    So anyway, I found this Biasia bag for $199...much cheaper. I'm not sure about the denim material. I wear jeans everyday, I'm afraid it'll be too much?
  2. I am seeing the Mercer Satchel.
  3. The denim bag? It's cute, but I think the denim is more limiting in that it's a very casual bag. Also the denim will get dirty, and might be hard to clean.

  4. True...and not to mention cat's hair...:blink:
  5. I really like the denim bag. The handles are gorgeous! However, if you are looking an everyday kind of bag the black one is better.
  6. I really think that demin bag is cute. You can use another if you need to dress up sometime!
  7. I can see both pics now, and I vote for the Hayden Harnett. More practical and more longevity. That "love satchel" is cute, too, though.
  8. Argh...The denim one is no longer available...:sad:

    I think I'm just gonna keep the black HH. I've wasted way too much time looking for a bag and making my mind up for one.

    Passerby....thank you for the suggestions though, they are cute for sure;)
  9. I love them both. Get both!!
  10. I think a denim bag with jeans would be too much:yes: