What do ya'll think of this bag?

  1. I just got it from NAP today (pics courtesy of NAP) Do you think it's pretty, (or not so much) classic, practical, etc? I would love your honest opinions! TIA ;)
    index.jpg 1.jpg 2.jpg
  2. This looks like their makeup/clutch..

    very pretty!
  3. I love it. I just saw one at Bob Ellis in black. I would use it as an evening bag rather than a cosmetic bag (I think thats what its suppose to be).
  4. Love the leather on the bag! The shape isn't my favorite but that a personal choice. Congrats on your new bag!
  5. Thank you girls... I'm pretty sure she's a keeper. I saw her at BV over the weekend in brown and the leather was sooo soft! This one, I guess b/c of the finish, is not as soft, and is darker than the photos above. It's more of a bronzey color w/ pink undertones, than the champagney color shown... geez... champagney- is that a word?! :p
  6. I have that bag in the smaller size (no interior separation)--I think it comes in a couple of sizes. Mine is just 7" long, so it's not that large but can be a clutch bag. I couldn't resist it when I saw it, even tho I already have a lot of clutches. The gold is so different--the sparkle is very subtle.

    Just think how great it will look with a white or black outfit at night! You won't see others carrying this bag. I think it's a good buy.
  7. I just love the sparkle! It is gorgeous and timeless as well. You did great!
  8. this is gorgoues....
    i really want this someday....
  9. mmm I like this! Very practical!
  10. Congrats on such a beautiful purchase! :yes:

    I love the gold treatment to the leather -- gorgeous for the evening without being too bling. IMO, this is an example of the subtle elegance that BV does so well. I especially like the compartments inside, but I'm a big fan of compartments/pockets inside handbags.
  11. I think it's gorgeous!

    Love the slouch, and the colour is TDF! As boxermom pointed out, it's not an evening clutch you'll see everywhere, which makes it all the more special IMO :yes:
  12. very nice. congrats.
  13. Geogeous! I like it but I'm very curious to know how it holds and looks in one's hand against one's body..... someone who has this clutch care to post a pic of yourself carrying this beautiful clutch? TIA!
  14. i really like it!
  15. It is absolutely gorgeous! Congrats to you! It's the PERFECT clutch IMO. Enjoy!