What do ya think about JS in these pictures??!!

  1. Ladies, what do you think about Jessica Simpson in these pictures?
    Personally I think she looks really good, I :love: her Louis Vuitton!! :biggrin:
    So what do ya think?
    2013-398x600.jpg 2120-315x600.jpg 2413-439x600.jpg 2216-377x600.jpg
  2. she looks her best when she's casual IMO - she looks beautiful here.
  3. She had better look good! That's her stylist !
  4. Gah, why are the wearing matching outfits?
  5. I just love her...she is a lovely girl.
  6. Wow she barely has any makeup on... makes her look TOTALLY different. Not too bad, but hard to get used to kind of
  7. her hair looks gorgeous!
  8. What are they twins with those jackets?
  9. She has great style IMO!
  10. Ahhhh, she's aight!
  11. She's cute with or without makeups.
  12. I think she has a fresh face and natural beauty , she looks good with no or minimal makeup like in this photo.
  13. I think she look very natural in these pictures I like it.
  14. I love Jess!She looks great I think!
  15. I think she looks awesome. That's her hairdresser. I didn't know he was her stylist....Ken Paves...is that his name? He is also Ashley's hairdresser and another star's hairdresser also. She was catching Dane Cook's comedy show in that photo. The photo in USWeekly didn't have her carrying the purse. What purse is that?