What Do Women Like Men To Wear ?

  1. How do you like to see men dressed ?

    For: Winter ,Summer, Spring, and Fall.

    What makes them look sexy ?
  2. I love this topic! Men's fashion and style is very interesting to me.

    I have a "thing" about men's suits. Beautiful suits - and not cheap. Tailored is best. Tie or no tie with an open collar and a pair of great shoes. Preferably Gucci (not the boring classic ones but something with a little flair). A beautiful rich clean look. Have you ever seen a man with impeccable style but he makes it look effortless and not overdone?

    Don't laugh but have you ever seen George Lopez in a suit?! He looks really good in his clothes. That's what I'm talking about. Back in the day, I always thought Sylvester Stallone had the same well put together look. I met him once and he made shorts and a white golf shirt look good!

    I also love the Miami white linen look for men. A pair of linen slacks with white leather loafers (Gucci or Ferragamo) and a great shirt. Very nice. A nice watch is also a must.

    A man that takes care of his body is also a good thing. My DH has more skin products than I do! And lots of different scents is good. Chanel, Burberry Brit, Annick Goutal, Lolita Lempicka, Cartier. Love them all!
  3. I like men in suits very nice tailored suits as well. I prefer either a tie or no tie depending on the occasion. I like nice dress shoes. I think the shoes says a lot for men.

    um usually my bf wears dress shirts and jeans (sevens) during the warmer months. Shorts and t-shirts during the summer for sure. In the winter he wears dress shirts and sweaters. I prefer him a lil more dressed up than casual but he always looks good to me.

    He wears Bvlgari Aqva. When he wears that cologne it drives me crazy. It smells so nice.
  4. I definitely don't like men in sneakers! I agree with the above posters. Another thing is I think its important for guys to dress well according to their coloring, i.e. while someone with darker skin can pull off bright colors someone with paler skin will look washed out. I think guys don't pay enough attention to this. I also thing some guys let themselves get too pale.

    When my bf and I started dating he was wearing flannels and baggy jeans, I now have him in Diesels and we shop at Barneys for his suits. :amuse:
  5. I like my man in more formal or classy wear (suit, dress shirt, tie, dress pants) preferably in darker colors.

    BF always used to dress in just jeans and a Guess t-shirt, and then I pushed him into real estate... now he dresses in suits all the time with banker gelled hair and is always clean - shaven....

    lol... guess I orchestrated him into dressing the way I like guys to be dressed
  6. I'm so the opposite. :lol: I'm really digging currently a punkish look. Ripped jeans, kind of messed up hair, black tees, maybe some black nail polish. :love: I'm going through a bad boy phase at the moment, but most men look fab in a nice suit. :shame:
  7. Winter: Black turtleneck

    Summer: In shorts

    Spring: ???

    Fall: Knee length black coat
  8. I like men to look clean(ish!), trendy and casual. I think a nice pair of jeans and a funky T-shirt is far sexier than anything but the most expensive suit (which most straight men can't, or won't, afford).

    I like a bit of jewellery (but not too much), with a masculine, punky vibe, slightly mussed up hair and the look (if not the feel!), of a bit of stubble, rather than clean shaven.

    In terms of footwear, I have a bit of a thing about suede desert boots! :lol:
  9. My Gosh Ladies, you like your men very sexy, trimmed, smelling good (Good one, Print Model ) Very important.
  10. Ditto!! ;)

    I would like to add 501 (button fly) jeans--- now that's hot!! :nuts:
  11. I'm a sucker for men dressing up more than the casual look. Nothing looks better than a crisp button down with a sharp tie and dress slacks. It drives me nuts out here (Seattle) that everyone is so casual. Big change from Manhattan!!
  12. I'm a big fan of men and the preppy look. Izod shirts, crisp button downs, slacks (no pleats please :amuse: ), crisp jeans (not hanging below the shoes ((Huge pet peeve)), clean shoes (whole ensemble can be ruined with dirty shoes).
  13. In the winter I love a man in jeans and a turtleneck sweater.
    For spring and summer I like fitted tees with khakis. I LOVE LOVE LOVE a man in pink. To me there is nothing sexier than a pale pink Polo shirt on a man. It shows that he's confident and not afraid to wear pink, as many guys are.
  14. Sparkle67 - Oh yes! I love love LOVE men's button fly jeans! VERY nice! ;)
  15. I love my husband in his uniform... Hes a firefighter. He looks sooo sexy when I visit him at work! Other then that I like him in some Button Flys a pair of all-stars and a white tee shirt or beater! Im a sucker for the classic bad boy look!