What do with hair products? Toss or Keep?

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  1. Ladies, after I purchased the Argan one-n only products, I realized that I have been collecting hair products under my sink. So, I decided to do a Fall cleaning and below is a list of the products that I picked to place under two options: Toss or Keep!

    Right now, I have no idea of what they could do or how they could have worked for me. I have no recollection of their results on my hair and for obvious reasons, most of the bottles, jars, etc, are full. I am counting on all of you ladies’ expertise to help me decide the faith of these items. If you are familiar with any of these products and have an opinion, please share!

    Copy and past the list below and type “Toss” or “Keep” next to the product that you identify. Additional comments are always welcome!

    Thank you, guys!!!

    1. Jheri Redding Straightening & Smoothing Lotion
    2. Dr. Miracle’s Relaxed Hair Potion
    3. L’Oreal Vive Smooth Intense Anti-frizz Cream
    4. Garnier Fructis Weightless Anti-Frizz Serum (Leave-in)
    5. ION Effective Care Treatment
    6. VS So Sexy Straightening Hair Gel
    7. Soft Sheen Carson Optimum Oil Therapy Dry Hair Healer
    8. Soft Sheen Carson Optimum Care Anti-Breakage Therapy
    9. Soft Sheen Carson Let’s Jam Smoothing Balm
    10. Optimum 3-1 Crème Oil Moisturizer Chi Keratin Mist
    11. Fructis Style Sleek & shine
    12. Nexxus Color Ensure Replenishing Conditioner & Detangler
    13. Naturelle Slickline Extreme Smoothing Crème
    14. Hask Pure Shine – Love it – Straight Liquid Gel
    15. Matrixx Biolage Hydra Seal Leave-In Crème
    16. Pro Vitamin Anti Frizz Hair Serum
  2. Could you donate them to a women's shelter or something like that? (Mind you, I have no idea if used products are welcomed or not though.)
  3. Good Job Lolita! I do this every few months and I'll be moving soon, so I will be doing some purging before packing - no need in taking extra crap to my new place....

    Necromancer - products can be donated, if they are new. Used/opened products pose a health risk.
  4. swap them with other members here or on other forums?
  5. I agree! We are about to start another Beauty Swap, and I personally will be putting in some samples and maybe a hair care thing or two if it fits.
  6. Thank you, ladies!! The question is not whether I want to keep or not, it is about what to keep!! With so many products, I need to be reminded of what is worth keeping. Maybe I should start trying them all and post the outcome or results for future reference of the guys and girls here!!
  7. sorry I can't be of too much help, as I haven't used any of those products. the only suggestion I have is, are you aware of any ingredients that your hair doesn't like? perhaps just a quick read thru the ingredients lists will help you decide, if that's the case. I know I can't use anything with glycerin in it, others dislike quats or SLS . . .
  8. Excellent, my dear!!!
    I have decided that I am going to start a challenge and try one product per week. Will report back on the results and toss what does not work for me!!
  9. I say try them all at least 3 times. If they don't work, then toss!
  10. :flowers:
  11. How old are the products?
  12. Hair products that I have been moving around for at least 8 months. Most are trends that come and go and I keep buying. Right now, I am loving One n only Argan oil products so the overload under my sink needs to be purged. ;)
  13. I would personally give them away. I know so many friends who love and rave about products that simply just don't work for me
  14. I would give the products to family and friends. I always give my products to my mom be it hair or makeup. She never splurges on good products. Plus she gets really excited when she receives as I call it her product care package.
  15. i agree . . . giving them away is better than tossing them out