What do well-dressed 40-50-somethings wear?

  1. What do well-dressed 40-50-somethings wear nowadays? Are there any styles to avoid? Problem areas to watch out for?

    I'm not looking for fashion-editor advice. I know what those women wear and while they look fabulous I doubt my mom would wear something so trendy-chic. I'm just trying to figure out what type of clothes to look out for when I buy clothing presents for my mom. She's conservative but also feminine. She also looks like she's in her 30s, so I'm not going to put her in a head-to-toe Chanel suit.

    I live across the country from my parents so I can't exactly rummage through her wardrobe and figure out what would look good on her, and she's an impulse shopper so she would not be able to give me a list of the clothes she wants. I just realized today that maybe my tastes are a little off when it comes to buying her clothes....

    Thank you!
  2. Ellen Tracy and St John.
  3. Yes, I agree. I'd also add Eileen Fisher and Burberry.
  4. Is anyone a fan of Tory Burch? I think my wife would look great in one of her tunics, but I don't know if people really like her or its just hype.
  5. i'm not sure how my mom would feel about wearing tory burch-not really her style. but i agree with the above recommendation of st. john. my mother also really like dana buchman, sigrid olsen, max studio, etc.
  6. Thank you. Actually, I was looking more for styles of clothes rather than brand names, ie white button down shirt with knee length wool skirt; jeans and a tweed jacket, that sort of thing.
  7. My mom is older (obviously, haha..) and loves Tory Burch clothing.. it really works well for her. (she's 5'0.5", 107lbs, and has very skinny legs but a chest and a little bit of a tummy)

    She likes more fun pieces.. Also looveess Theory, Burberry, Paige denim..

    Her style is fairly trendy but not super feminine. She looks great in more militant styles and has a bit of a rockstar style to her. heh.. she's so cool:p
  8. Look for more structured pieces that nip in at her smallest part. Avoid anything boho-y or babydoll tops and the like. Fairly plain pieces with a great fit with more striking and bold accessories. Avoid matronly shoes, above anything else these ruin an older ladies outfit, imo.
  9. Have you thought of gift cards? So much easier,. Then she can just buy what she wants and saves her the hassle of exchanging if she didn't like what you got her, kwim?
  10. My mom shops mostly at NM and Saks. She is into designer clothes..and I have to admit she has really good taste for being in her late 40s. Don't buy anything with crazy, wild colors..tone it down a little. Vibrant colors are still really nice and can be appropriate..just don't over-do it.
  11. Cashmere sweaters are always appreciated.
  12. Taking inspiration from my mother and some other women I know in their '50s...

    I've seen many women in sweater dresses of various styles. When I went to this casual event at a law firm my mom deals with, all of the 'hip mommies' as I called them for the evening were wearing some sort of knee-length sweater dress - most often with a ring collar or mock-neck - and either a very slightly puffed or slight leg-of-mutton sleeves, in subtle, diluted colors (browns to grays to dusty violet and magenta mostly). I also see a lot of women in the mid-'90s style pant suits, with longer, slim jackets and slightly wide-legged trousers, and I think that looks very chic. My mother prefers capes to full coats if the weather isn't too cold, and in general she often takes pieces from the '80s and wears them in a more modern way. For example, she will wear a Saint-Laurent lime green blazer open over a scoop-neck gray and black shell with black slightly wide-legged trousers. I also think jackets with shawl collars look very nice on women of that age..

    Hope this helped!
  13. Hi , I'm 52 and love Ellen Tracy and Dana Buchman and DVF WRAP TOPS AND DRESSES as well as Banana Republic and SALES for Nordstroms and Neiman Marcus. I work in a lab enviroment and don't need to dress(lab coats over jeans) so when I do , I like to look classic with a 'youthful twist!'
    My 21 year old daughter always borrows my clothes especially my leather jackets, trenchs and cashmere sweaters.
    I've been into white blouses lately with a cashmere cardigan and dark denim jeans-I always top anything off with my LV BAGS my pearl earings and necklaces.:heart:.
  14. I think it is sweet you want to get your mom some neat clothes! I am 47, and my styles can vary. I am short, so I have to be careful. I love classic, DVF wrap dresses with a great pair of shoes. Lots of black pants some real wide legs, some more staight. I love fitted tops. I wear alot of sweaters and cardigans. Today I have on black pants, a red V neck, a blue jean jacket and silver flats. I love button up blouses that hit me at the hips and are more fitted at the waist. Cashmere anything!! Humm, sometimes I like a dressy t shirt, if that makes sense. Great shoes always! They make an outfit. Oh and a great scarf, love to play with them. I also love to wear a classic hair band.
    Good luck, sounds like we all kinda like the same thing, just depends on my day and mood.
  15. I'm in my 50's. As a general rule, nothing too tight in the hips or very mini. Other than that, I'm good. Current trend I'm loving, tops that are fitted at the shoulders/bust and are slightly loose over the tummy. I have found that I really like almost everything by Banana Republic and Theory. Great idea about cashmere, but avoid those cowl neck sweaters...we already wore those in the '80's.