What do we (you) think of the Step???

  1. I was wondering what we thought of the Step style? (thanks hgbags for getting the picture for us).

    I really am liking it a lot. Just wish I knew the measurements. Do you think it's bigger then the purse or shopping? Do you think it's smaller/bigger then the work?

    Just would like to hear opinions, thoughts and inputs please.:heart:
  2. The STEP~

  3. I'm not sure. The shape sort of reminds me of Mary Poppins' carpetbag.
  4. i really like the step too!! it looks bog enough to hold all my needs. i am really excited about it!!
  5. I like to know the dimensions too - it might be really heavy when you load it up!
  6. I am not liking the step so much, I agree about the carpetbag shape
  7. The bag in the photo looks really stuffed~ I would love to see a picture of it not as stuffed up.
  8. It's hard to tell in the color shown but it reminds me of a purse/city merger...
  9. I think i agree with Rondafaye!!! It does look a little carpet/ doctor bag to me, but this probably isnt the best photo!!!
  10. I was studying/comparing this pic of the step with atelier.naff's pics of the purse and shopping...the top part of the bag looks real similar to the purse...but the step seems longer as you go down (look at the space between the bottom corner hardware and the front outer pocket). The step also looks wider than a purse...when you look at the bottom corners, the sides of the bags do not end where the hardwares are located as in the purse or other styles....

    Anyhow, I am really liking the step...but hope it is as light as other bbags! I have a similarly shaped non bbag and it is on the heavy side.
  11. I don't like it ...
    but maybe the pic doesn't do justice to it...
  12. Great observation!!!
  13. Me no likey!

    It looks out of proportion...like a person with a head that is too small for his body...a "pinhead" ?? ;)

    It may look better "unstuffed," though...
  14. I can't decide about this style~ I don't know if I love it b/c of this violet color that I am in love with.

    Can one of you computer saavy people change the color of the bag? I want to see it in a different color!:lol: :flowers:
  15. I'm pretty sure I'll be passing on this one.