What do we think re: Isabella Fiore?

  1. Hi ladies,
    Who has I. Fiore and how are they? I've been eyeing this brand for several years now. Because I don't live near any hip urban centers, I can't check them out in person.

    They look beautiful. Are they heavy?

  2. I have an Audra and I used to have a Me Hearty wallet. They are a little heavier because of the hardware, but the quality is great and I really like SOME of the designs.
  3. (I thought I had more IF, but I guess it's just this one from a couple years ago.)

    I haven't seen any of their "every day" bags as a must-have for me. I've admired some like the Audra, but never went all the way for one.

    I do really like some of their other lines, like the tattoo designs, those zodiac pieces from a couple years ago, the patchwork and crochets, the "Off the Wall" graffiti stuff from a few years back. Love it or hate it, I think you've got to admit that they go full speed ahead with an idea and don't water things down. And they're always moving forward to something different, so even if you hate this one, the next thing might be for you.

    My single piece of theirs is a smallish graffiti hobo from several seasons ago--I still like putting it into use once in a while. None of that kind of stuff of theirs would ever be considered "classic" by any means, but I do think it'll still look good any number of years from now. Partly due to the decisive design in each little collection, but also thanks to the quality of construction, materials and hardware. Everything I've seen from them looks like it was made to hold up.

    So... I guess I've only been moved to shell out for one, single Isabella Fiore, but I do think highly of the brand and can't wait for the next thing to catch my eye, because I won't hesitate.

    (I do have one pair of IF shoes, the tattoo-embroidered "Lauper" ballet flats. They're cute, basically comfy and always get compliments, but I don't love them nearly as much as the bags & wallets. The shoes are actually kind of meh, comparatively.)
  4. I had the Audra but it was a little too heavy for me. I have the Me Hearty wallet in brown and I just LOVE IT!
  5. I have the little Amber framed satchel in black and I really love it, but it is an occasional use only bag. It is beautifully made, with all that pleating, and I think it will last for years. A friend of mine has one of the big IF totes and says in general the IF bags are pretty heavy but are very well made and she loves hers. The designs in each collection are truly distinctive and I think its either love 'em or hate 'em.
  6. I get more compliments on my Isabella Fiore than any other bag! It's heavy but it's grown to be one of my favorites I love the blue color and it's the perfect size. I'm not sure of the name.

    Most people either love or hate the line. I love or hate the individual bags. There no in between with her bags for me.

  7. Love 'em or hate 'em is right on the mark as youngster posted. I like some of the more understated styles but overall the brand is really inconsistent.

    I have a few as shown in this pic, plus the 'cute as a button' green canvas handheld from this year.
    IF_group (2).jpg
  8. I never really liked the IF bags that had "knitted" designs or her tatoo bags (like the Pirates bag), but I do like some of their more recent leather/studded bags. I have an orig WhipFlash bag (the one that Katie Homes made so popular), and I love that bag. The leather has gotten softer & softer as it ages, and it's not too heavy. I also bought one of the Medal of Honor Carina bags which I fell in love with the first time I saw it, but with all the studs/hardware, it tends to get very heavy & I can't carry that one for very long. It's too bad cuz it's too gorgeous to be just sitting in its sleeper on the top shelf of my closet!!

    I bought another one of their bags last fall that was much "simpler" than many of their other bags - It's called the DreamWeaver bag and is made of soft lambskin leather. It's a much lighter bag and isn't over-loaded w/hardware, studs or art deco designs. Just simple braided/weaved leather with tassels and a gorgeous shoulder strap. It's one of my favorite bags.

    It seems like a lot of her current bags are repetitious of previous seasons, and I haven't seen anything that really interests me. When speaking with my SA at Nordstroms, she tells me they are dropping the IF bags because they just haven't been selling like they used to. She says they usually end up with a table full of IF bags on their markdown tables.

    I think when [SIZE=-1]Trang Huynh and Jennifer Tash [/SIZE]left & created Lockheart, they took a lot of the talent with them. If you like the "classic" IF bags, you might like the Lockheart line - they are very similar and remind me of IF bags from a few seasons ago.
  9. I have the Whiplash Audra. It's very well made and top quality. I like this bag but only carried it for a few months. It's just heavy. I no longer use it due to shoulder and back pains.
  10. I have an IF wallet that I absolutely adore - holds my life in it! I always scope out the bags, and think that I must have them. But after trying them on for size and seeing them IRL, I don't end up purchasing them. I always think there is something else I would rather have than spending money on this. And most I have seen are very heavy.
  11. I love my IF Audras - I have several in the original brown, pewter and gold. I love my black Shir Honor, but it weighs A TON. A TON. It's so heavy - I've had it sitting in my closet for awhile. I'm not sure what makes it so heavy - maybe it's the thickness of the leather?:p
  12. I have a huge IF bag that i LOVE to death! dont know the name but it is huge, leather that is cut like lace and has gammets everywhere

    and honestly i get more complements on that bag than my guccis, lv, coachs, kate spades, juciys etc etc etc COMBINED!!!

    :smile: love it!
  13. I am going to follow suit and say...I have the IF Whipflash Audra. LOVE this bag. I used to have a huge crush On IF bags and had many. But I sold them due to their weight. I always stayed with the understated bags and I definitely agree with the line being inconsistant. I like the more leather bags. It got too much for me when we went to kitted bags, crocheted flowers, Pirates, and Peace & Love bags. I just bought a Cory Weavin Satchel and I like it alot. I find no fault with quality. the are strong durable bags. But for me now they are not a staple bag but more of a fling.
  14. I only have one, the Dreamweaver, as well. I find most of the bags a little too OTT for me, but I love my Dreamweaver, just enough detail to make a boring black bag pop. Oh and they do always seem to be on sale, so you can pick them up for a good price.
  15. As much as i love IF's edgy designs (although I must say the crocheted flowers and pirates are too much for me) - I can't get myself to buy one - they are just too heavy for me - they weigh a ton because they used really substantial hardware and tough leather. Although I will not question the quality, for me, the bags just stay on the store shelves for me...