What do we think on 'The Devil wears Prada' bag?

  1. I think the bag is super hot and i want to buy it (Amazon) but when i convert it back to my dollar I can't justify $110 for a pleather bag (yes is not leather although Amazon claims it is) also im a guy so i can more or less only wear it as a messenger and i dont know if the strap is long enough for my body. and thrdly im scared out of my wits from those reviews on the site they scare me far away! i love love love the bag so i can youe it as a casual one (and becuase it is from the movie) but it is really porrly made and not worth the $$$
  2. Hi - I am from the UK and the film isn't released yet so unfortunately don't know what it is like - can you post a link to the bag?
  3. I saw this bag IRL....it's not my style, but I thought it was cute. The girl who had it showed me how you can wear it a couple different ways. It's not really that much money, so if you like it, I would go for it.
  4. Here's a link to the bag on amazon
    I decided not to get the bag a few months ago because it is "Faux Leather"...and now seeing the terrible reviews I feel good about my decision!
    perhaps if you wait for Christmas season the bag will go on sale? if it was a hot item I think it would have sold out by now so it could very possibly be discounted in the future due to slow sales and bad reviews
  5. It's gotten terrible reviews on Amazon from people who bought it. IIRC, there were also bad reviews of it on the Fashion board of MakeupAlley. The consensus was that the fake leather was really, really yucky (paraphrased).
  6. hmmm...i don't really like the style :P
  7. I think the look is cool - but I just can't justify the fake leather. Why didn't they make it in real leather, I wonder?
  8. I think it looked awesome in the movie, but I don't like the pleather version they're selling. I heard the one used in the movie was real leather.
  9. I think the design of the bag is unique. It's neat how you can wear it in so many different ways, but I wouldn't buy the one on Amazon. I can't see paying $80 for a pleather bag that has gotten a lot of bad reviews for poor quality. If they made a very high quality leather version, I might be game.
  10. I got this bag from ASOS on the day of release. It is completely horrible :biggrin:

    Plastic, nasty, the bag sits nothing like it does on Andy in the movie, its much smaller, and the tassels are cheap looking. I could never recommend it for a guy as it is small, not masculine in any way whatsoever. I really really would stay away from it, its a nasty bag!! ;)
  11. I really don't like the style, either.
  12. Hm...not a big fan of the bag (saw the movie and all the hype in the mags) but if you like it that's more important! You gotta follow your :heart:
  13. Well,
    First I think just as well that this bag is not masculine in any way and just so NOT for a guy! Second, I'm sure it has nothing in common with the bag from the movie, it's just a simple replica, not a very good one, and I'm sure it's too much for faux leather.

  14. you guys are right lol, (its looks really dodgey and light i thoght it was a chocolate colour in your photo chole) i think they made it in a smaller proprtion than in the movie becuase i fell in love with that one ohh well ill have to get it out of my head
  15. Amazon sent out e-mails when the bag was available. I went to the website and thought it was a cute bag, but after I read the reviews and how unhappy people were with the bag, I changed my mind.