What Do We Think Of This New Bag?

  1. ;) Okay - I have my Fiore bags, I have a ton of Koobas...I have a couple of LVs - BUT....what do you guys think of this GAP bag? Yes Gap. I haven't even thought of Gap in eons - but happened across this for some reason....are we liking this? Does one color look better than the other? Too big? Hip? Thoughts? :rolleyes:
    Olive.jpg Inside.jpg Brown.jpg
  2. The brown one isn't bad, but it really isn't my style.
  3. I think the brown is cute! I almost bought it thinking it was leather...and now it's on sale
  4. To be frank I think that green one is kinda gross but the brown one could definitely be cute if paired with the right outfit. And I love the lining!
  5. The brown is kinda cute but a cloth bag may be a tad casual.
    Might be fine if you're bumming around on the weekend! ;)
  6. I really like it for a casual bag or a utility bag.
    The brown is really cute!
  7. I like this one [​IMG] because its a little less bulk right under the arm. great sale price too
  8. I'm taking it that no one likes the green? Is the yellow piping that's not good?:shrugs:
    Olive.jpg Brown.jpg
  9. I'm gonna have to give it the thumbs down.
    It's cute, but:
    A) it's too deep; it looks like a double tiered cake and the top tier it too much,
    B) the buckle thing would really bother my arm, and
    C) the drop is too short for me; the model can barely fit her arm thru and my arm is not that boney.
    I guess if the top tier was absent the drop length would be perfect, but still it's a fabric bag and doesn't look durable enough for me.

    Shame, is does have appeal. :girlsigh:
  10. I'm in the minority as I like the green but I'm partial to olive. I think it's more interesting than your standard bag. I actually saw this bag on a lady in the mall and it looked really good on her (which I was surprised about!)
  11. I think it's a great bag. Looks roomy and easy to carry, too.

    Sure, it's casual but we all have times we go casual.

    I think both colors are fine. It just depends on personal taste. I say get what YOU like and don't worry about what others think.
  12. I actually like them all on that model! It's a young and hip bag, totally unsuitable for me but great if you have that young, hip thing going on.
  13. I like the brown. :heart:

    I like olive green, but I'm not so sure about that particular shade of olive, combined with that particular shade of yellow. :s

    I think it's a cute design, even though it wouldn't be the bag for me, as I like a long strap. But if you like short straps, go for it! :yes:
  14. Looks great if you are in your teens.
  15. ^ Oh, I don't know about that. :shrugs: The design doesn't look that juvenile to me, just casual.

    I think you could be much older than that and still look good carrying it; especially the brown one. :yes: