What do we think of this Mat&Nat?

  1. I checked out Mat&Nat's site because i saw the animal-friendly thread and found a bag similar to the Carolina Herrara I can't seem to find anything else similar to in any other line (great for her!!! Bad for me!!!)

    So what do you think of this? Its close to the CH bag...Id go brown or blue more than likely..called Buddha

  2. Well I do think it's great you found a bag that suits both your interests and your taste!! I personally don't fancy it, but do go get it if you can't find it anywhere else! I'm sure you'll enjoy it heaps.
  3. I like it. I like this style of hanbag, and I like bags without a lot of embellishments, pockets etc. I like the clean lines of this one.
  4. Keep checking eBay for Matt & Nats. There are lots of other online sites, too, where you can find these bags for cheaper than their company website. The Big Buddha is a not a rare design, so you should be able to get a deal!
  5. I often see Matt&Nats at TJMaxx and Marshalls
  6. Yes. They have started to make an appearance. Nice looking bags, and very green, which is good. I, personally, will stick with leather because that is what I like most.
  7. See our Marshalls and TJMaxx never has ANYTHING good! I even drive out to the more affluent neighborhoods than my own (middle, upper middle) and still zip!

    I will look online for it elsewhere. I do prefer leather but now that Im getting into organic things Im leaning away.
  8. Thank you, same here. That's why I love my Clava tote so much. ONE clasp with one teeny metal button for it. Its so nice looking.
  9. ame, I'd check this out IRL - they are carried in smaller gift/boutique stores (Bibelot Shops, Patina) here and I've had occasion to look at them - initially I was excited, but I can't ... it's just that ... well, they are trying to LOOK like leather and that's what I expect and I can't get my head around making the adjustment to what should be as to what is. Hope that makes sense.
  10. I agree...I'm from Canada, but when I went shopping in the states I ended up stumbling upon (literally - I accidentally kicked it :p) a super cute white Matt & Nat purse that was only $16 or $24 (i can't remember) at TJ Maxx.

    Personally, I don't mind the look of Matt & Nat purses because their whole campaign is to use vegan materials so anyone who sees (and knows) the Matt & Nat line won't think it's a cheap substitute for leather.

    I say take a peek at your local TJ Maxx to see if it's there, or if you really love the style and don't want to go through the hassles then just buy it - they're relatively inexpensive and fairly well made!
  11. Cool, I thought it was leather when I looked at the pic. Neat concept.
  12. Ill go look at a couple local locations tomorrow. Im hopeful *crosses fingers*

    Who knows...I might hit a jackpot of something cool.
  13. I have a green and pink Matt&nat bag i bought at a small clothing boutique near my home a few yrs ago. I had never heard of the m but she had 3 for sale and this one matched an outfit i was buying. I don;t usually buy for 1 certain outfit but i think it was like 60 or 80 USD tops so i went for it as hey i was spending more on a few outfits than i normally do in a year LOL Anyway i was so surprised to see a matt and nat bag in a magazine last month! I real;ly thought they were more obscure. But anyway yes i like that bag and the important thing is you do so i say go for it. My question though is have they always been so "green" vegan etc? Because i truly thought my bag was nice leather LOL It's fairly buttery whatever it is.
  14. Cute! Matt & Nat make some really cute and original bags.
  15. LOVE mat & nat! go for it!