What do we think of this Botkier Bag?

  1. i like it!!!
  2. I also love the color and style. Run and buy it now.
  3. That color is wonderful!
  4. Oh! Yummy!
  5. what a beauty!
  6. It's beautiful!
  7. Be careful as this bag is not that blue in real life. I think the colour name 'Jean' is misleading as in real life its slate grey.
    I had the exact same bag and sold it for that reason, as I was expecting a blue bag.
  8. I love it? How big is it?
  9. I had the smaller version of this bag and Halzer is correct. The color name is misleading. It should be called Slate as it is a blue grey and maybe a bit more grey than blue. Pretty bag and rather large. Very soft smushy leather so don't expect this stand up form of bag. It's going to slump when empty.
    The chain handle is the best thing about the bag. It rocks!
  10. I don't care for it.
  11. Looks yummy, I'd wish it only had the chain handle though.
  12. very very cute!!

    i love the color!
  13. I avoid anything that looks like it has pleats. Flashes me back to the early nineties when every guy in my elementary school wore pleated dockers on picture day. Or worse, when WOMEN wore pleated pants. Ew.
  14. I LOVE IT!!!!
    For me knowing the color is actually grey-er than it appears in the pix would be no problem. I love grey leather bags, and this looks yummy!