What do we think of these Manolo's?

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  1. I'm thinking of bidding on these, but not sure. Do they look authentic? And I'm not sure what I feel about the shorter heel. I like the brooch and the pink satin, but the heel is throwing me off somehow. Would they work with a dress or skirt given the heel; it seems 3"+ would look better with a dress or skirt. I'm sure they'd work with jeans.



  2. like the color on em' but not the heel it just doesn't look right.
  3. i agree with the both of you. the heel is...blech.

    in all honesty, i hate short heels. i think they look really awkard.

    everything else though is really pretty, almost like a pink version of the Carrie shoe.
  4. love the color...not the heel.
    yes they are real.
  5. looks too stumpy...
  6. I hate kitten heels - I think they are really awkward to walk in and just look strange on the foot.
  7. Yeah, this is all pretty much what I was feeling. The heel just kills it.
  8. I don't think these could work on anyone but a woman with very thin legs. As someone said, the shoes themselves are a little "stumpy" so I don't think they'd be flattering on that many women.
  9. They are authentic....just not flattering!
  10. Yeah, I don't like the heel either. I love the color and brooch, but somehow the shoe shape with the brooch placement with the heel height just don't work well together.
  11. Kitten heel is so 1993... Do you remember the kitten heel mules? I'm glad they are over.

    I like these shoes with a classic high heel.
  12. I also dislike the heel height - I personally refuse to buy anything under 4 inches, as anything shorter makes my legs look stumpy.
  13. I rarely like manolos..... sorry