What do we think of these Manolos?

  1. They popped up on the NM sale with additional 40 percent off, so I grabbed them. Would you consider these trendy? I like them, but I don't know if I can pull off red patent leather. I bought them because they're a good deal, but I'm debating whether or not to cancel my order.

    What do you ladies think? :nuts:

  2. Love em. I would not consider them trendy at all. They would look great with a black dress. Congrats.
  3. Wow! Really vibrant..I like them. They are fun..but not something I would wear to a fancy dinner or something.
  4. Christina, you can SO pull those off here in Florida. The will look great with a plethra of dresses, trousers and jeans. Love them.
  5. I agree - these are definitely shoes to wear with a low key outfit for work, so that they stand out on their own. I'm thinking wide leg trousers (I have navy blue, black, beige and grey) with a simple top in a neutral color. Yes/No? :nuts:

    J - I so have a cute black skirt that I can wear with these :graucho:

    I guess I'll wait until they arrive (shipping was free, so I won't lose out on that) and see what I think. Hmm.
  6. Yes yes! :yes:
  7. You have to keep them! They're gorgeous. They would go with so many outfits (and red goes fabulously with leopard print... if you're a LP gal).;)
  8. Dallas, I'm a leopard print shoe gal ;) Although I did have a pair of leopard print pants in high school. No comments, please :shame:

    Foot Candy has a gorgeous pair of leopard Manolo d'orsays that I'd love to order, but they do not accept returns or exchanges on sale items.

    I'll post pictures when they arrive :nuts: And then decide if they'll stay or go.
  9. I like them! My first thought was "jeans" :smile:
  10. Keep 'em! I love them and red in South Florida is perfect. I would rock those babies night/day at my place in South Beach! LOL
  11. I LOVE these!! So fabulous, and and additional 40% off? WOW!! What an amazing find!!
  12. Wow, great deal, great shoes! They are not trendy at all, definitely keep them!
  13. red is fabulous anywhere, and those shoes are really beautiful
  14. oh i saw those and was sorry i missed them! i think every woman needs a pair of fabby red heels! (why do i always make these weird generalizations in your threads? lol). i saw they would be super cute with navy pants too! then again i'm a big red, white and blue fan. i have a fab navy and white dvf wrap dress that these would look awesome with!
  15. I really like them. I tink red patent is fun for summer, jeans sounds good. I really wanted a pair myself please take pics when they arrive, do they show a lot of toe?