What Do we think of the short boot or bootie?

  1. I can not decide if I love them or hate them... what do we think? How do you wear these things anyway? Here is an example from Steve Madden
  2. I just bought them in black patent on Ebay...I think they are really cute!! I will wear them with jeans...or black pants.
  3. Jeans, skirts or skinny jeans
  4. we love them with skinny jeans and fluffy skirts.
  5. cbh02b,

    I have the same Steven boots in brown suede that I bought at the Nordstrom anniversary sale in July. I bought them to wear with skinnies and they are adorable. They are also cute with a skirt and cropped tights.

    That being said I believe that there are probably equally as cute boots out this Fall that provide a bit more comfort. These Steven boots are pretty unforegiving. My toes are cramped in the toe box and there is no way the stiff leather is going to stretch. This is not a matter of the size, but rather the steep slope of the heel. Nonetheless, the are beautiful and I will continue to wear them....what's a little pain? :crybaby:

    Thank goodness for ballet flats which I always wear the next day.
  6. I think it depends on how you wear them...for the most part i'm thinking skirts or gauchos with ornate black hose...great!! I have a wonderful pair of chanel's black n white that i bought a couple of years ago so i'm psyched to wear them in style this fall!!
  7. We don't know about them just yet! :smile:
  8. I went to the mall yesterday to try those on and they didn't have my size. :sad: I'm mad that I went to Nordies and my SA didn't even offer to find it at another store. I know it was busy, but they should still do the same customer service that they do any other time I'm there.
  9. I like them best when worn with thick socks, or legwarmers (as seen at Marc Jacobs, Sportmax and Alexander McQueen).

    It rids them of the slightly disturbing 'elfin' look, IMO.

    Oh dear, I know some of you are cringing at the mere thought - sorry!!! :lol:
  10. it's hot if you have the legs for it (aka like a long leggy model)!
  11. I like them more open at the ankle. Like these:
  12. I think they make even chicken legs look sexy.
  13. Short boots/booties are the staple of my F/W shoe wardrobe and have been for the past 7 or 8 years (with some of the same boots, thankyouverymuch).

    I honestly haven't followed whether they go in and out of style too much until recently again. I swear by them with dress slacks for work or jeans for casual work days and going out. My legs are super short so they don't work with skirts on me at all.

    I have about 10 pairs, mostly Via Spiga and a couple Pradas, plus I just got some brown leather and suede Cole Haans.

    I'm excited about platforms coming back in again...it's a little extra cushioning for my feet when I'm running errands, plus a little more leg lengthening never hurts. :wlae:

    Love the posted style too!
  14. ^^ these are my new cole haans, which are the tallest of my 'short' boots:


    I couldn't find the steve maddens posted - will call Nordstrom tomorrow :wlae:
  15. i like these too :smile: