What do we think of Marc Jacobs's new tattoos?

  1. I saw this on perez hilton, while i liked his simple J. on his V spot I hope to get one one day as my name starts with J, course i will need his abs as well. I am not the biggest fan of skin art, but if you get a nice design and its not too large it can be cute or sentimental. myself as a Simpson's character? NO!! p.s. the stuff on his forearm look like real tattoos but the lower ones look like rub ons?

  2. What the hell, is everyone a Simpson....I want to be one too!!! :p
  3. Meh... that's all I am saying... I have nothing against tattoos, but MJ's inks are terrible.
  4. I hope it's fake!
  5. i like the one with the little dogs. it looks vaguely marcel dzama-ish
  6. Errrrrrr, not a fan!
  7. It's not my cup of tea, but I do like seeing what tattoo's other people get. Have you got a pic of the J?
  8. Very cheesy.
  9. Oh please, he must be joking. I hope that is a rub-on.
  10. I don't really like those to be honest. I'm definately not against tattoos - I have one myself - but those I don't like.
  11. here is his J tattoo I actually like this and want one someday. I need to think it over for a few years cos they are permanent. This J. is supposed to stand for his ex-BF's name (Jason) but at least he cna palm it off a J for Jacobs. I feel so sorry for his ex-BF who had MARC JACOBS tattooed down his arm and then they split.
  12. opps forgot the pic here:
  13. heres a pic of his ex BF Jason Preson and his HUGE tattoo

  14. I still can't believe he broke up with Jason. J was so HOT.

    I don't like the art work on his arm.

    MJ looks so good since he has recreated himself.
  15. Next we will be seeing that simpsonized tattoo as a character on LV bags. Remember I called it.