What do we think of high waisted jeans?

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    I happen to love love love this style, i have been trying to find a pair for months finally found some on the topshop website but when i went to buy them they had all sold out.

    I had all but lost hope when mooching around Primark the other day i found the most gorgeous pair almost exact to the ones in topshop for a mere twelve pounds, can you believe it!!!!

    I think they look stunning with a nice shirt tucked in, once i've bought the shirt to go with them i'll post a pic so you can see how nice they are!!
  2. Now those were interesting, kind of "low waisted" with an added high waist? =P Perhaps these are more user friendly than the usual mom jeans cut.
  3. :yucky: I'm totally the wrong shape for high waisted anything!
  4. that's me, totally. I hate them.
  5. I won't be wearing them but I am happy to see a change.
    The low to mid rise will never go away
  6. ^ me tooooooo! :p
  7. i hate them! i think they look awful. i'm definently a low rise girl.
  8. I just cannot bring myself to do it.
  9. I think even the (very few) people who actually look good in them would still look better in something lower rise. Congratulations to you that you can wear them! I wish I had the figure to pull it off. Also, I don't live in a very fashion-forward area so people would probably just think I was really weird.
  10. not the best style, imo.
  11. I do like the look, but I think the whole outfit (shoes, top etc..) has to be really put together right for it to work.
  12. ^i totally agree!!
    a few days ago i saw a girl who was wearing high waisted jeans with a pair of ballet flats...that was a disaster!!she looked so short:sad:
  13. totally not for me. I think it would look great on really tall gals. I'm short
  14. I am so short waisted that anything CLOSE to high waisted jabs and pokes my ribs:cursing:
  15. They only look good if they have wide legs, IMO.