What do we think of an Hermes scarf on Non-Hermes bag??

  1. I want to get another scarf, like a twilly or something to hang off a bag, I don't own and Hermes and it will probably be many years until I do (I'm thinkin my 40th b-day or something and it will be worth the wait!) I still love the twilly and the idea of using one on a bag, say a Chloe, LV, Chanel, what do we think?
  2. I put my Hermes scarves on my Chanel Cerf and Gerard Darel all the time. It is perfectly fine.
  3. I say if you own it, then enjoy it any way you want!!! An hermes scarf will look lovely on any bag!!!
  4. They look especially cute on a LV Speedy!
  5. Hermes anything will look good on everything. That's my motto and I'm sticking with it!:yes:
  6. cool, that's what I was thinking, something for my mandarin epi speedy, and to also help cover the pen mark, that's now not pen but still a mark, I figure if I put a cute scarf there I won't drive myself crazy looking at the mark anymore (which is like 1/8 of an inch if that lol..)
  7. It would be darling with a Mandarin Speedy.
  8. I do it all the time with pocket squares and Twillys! I love how it adds a punch of color to my monogram and Damier LVs and it dresses up my plain Coach bags too. :flowers:
  9. Absolutley agree. I'm totally into mixing up my designers and Hermes, in particular, does go with most everything.
  10. Lola, I have a mandarin epi pochette accessoires (sp?) and I have an Hermes pocket square attached to it.

    Sorry, the only picture I have is with my dog in it.:shame:
    06 03 06 austin with louis.jpg
  11. That scarf looks really cute with that bag. Your dog is so adorable.
  12. I have the pochette too, I love the mandarin! It does look really cute, and could you're dog be any cuter either!? All of the colors coordinate perfectly, dog, bag, scarf.....very very cute!
  13. That's one of my favorite scarf patterns "La Rosee".:love:
  14. I have an Hermes scarf which I'm gonna tie on my LV Batignolles Hor. when I get the bag on late August. I'm sure they'll look great together!
  15. Ohh,.. Your puppy is so beautiful!!!!!