What do we think about YSL Chyc Cabas?

  1. very chic bag just like its name! love it :smile:
  2. That red is beautiful!
  3. so I just bought my very first "IT" bag and it was the YSL Cabas Medium. (so excitedd!!)
    The Saks sale associate told me they will be going up in prices due to change in management next month. Has anyone heard anything similar?
  4. The chyc cabas is so elegant and classic. I love that it comes in a variety of colors, even seasonal colors (like the sky blue cabas, which was GORGEOUS!) :loveeyes:. The only downfall is that it's not hadnsfree (unless you get a mini). I wish the medium and large could at least have an option to purchase the strap like Louis Vuitton does with their speedys. But perhaps that's just me. :thinking:
  5. ^ I actually bought a strap (intended for Muse) and use it for my Large black chyc cabas :smile: Another alternative is finding some other straps in bonanza / eBay and find the closest hardware to match the chic cabas hardware :smile: The strap gives the bag another life through the option to wear it cross-body ^^
  6. Hi there
    Where did u get ur strap from? Does ysl allow for ordering or we will need to find it online?
    I have a large chyc cabas too n planning to get a strap. Will u please share ur bag photos with strap?
  7. I think there is a few in Cult Status if you're looking for the original Muse strap. Otherwise, you can get a cheaper alternative from valuebeltsplus in eBay. I think you can choose the type of hardware to match your large chyc cabas. Will try to get a pic when I get home :smile:
  8. Paris increased their prices 3 days ago. Around €200 for chyc cab as large
  9. Hi,

    Any chance you know the updated price for the smallest Cabas Chyc in Paris? :smile:
  10. 1,300,something euros. Med is 1,590 and large is 1800something.
  11. is the big one really that expensive? it's 1550 @ net-a-porter, is it the high time to get it?
  12. are they all mutton or are there leather ones too?
    can someone show me the difference of how they look?
    on the offical website i just saw "leather"
    is it calfskin?
    i want one nowwwwww!
  13. So does that mean they have small ones? I thought they were all sold out. Or is this for the new style ones?
  14. Not sold out at all... There was this mocca, black, gray , burdgundy in M and L... The small w strap has limited colors. I Saw them at ySl shops long St Honore, galleries Lafayette and printemps...