What do we think about YSL Chyc Cabas?

  1. I FINALLY found a red, medium, Cabas Chyc. I have been looking endlessly for over a month. They have all been sold out. I found the last one in stock, from where I ordered it, and about an hour and a half ago. I'm having it shipped out to me. It was kind of on hold for a customer, but the customer hadn't shown up yet, to claim it, and the store was closing in 45 minutes. The customer had been in two hours prior.

    I'm really excited, although not excited about the price, as I could have saved $630. had I bought it in France where I usually buy my handbags. But, unfortunately, a few months ago, I had to cancel this year's Paris trip at the last minute.

    I always figure out the difference in the prices by going on the designer's website and first clicking on the price in France and then going back on the same website and clicking the U.S. price. Then I add on the sales tax for here, to the U.S. price, and deduct the 12% detaxe from the French price and then deduct the converted French price from the U.S. price. All one has to do is go on www.xe.com for the conversions. I do the same when buying Vuitton and other designers. I've been doing it for decades although before the internet, I would write or call friends overseas to have them get the overseas prices for me. It's a lot easier these days.
  2. Vast improvement at Holts (good for Vancouver & Canada anyway)! I want everything :roflmfao: so much YSL eye candy for me to drool over.
  3. i personally love this bag! i have one in python print, the shape and structure of the bag is just so classy and timeless. the more i use it, the more i love the bag!
  4. I love the cabas chyc and wishing a peacock blue one will magically find me me day :smile: post pics when you get it!
  5. Congratulations....you should be excited. Your bag is amazing in the red color. Enjoy!!
  6. I have this bag and I love it so much !!! It's my favorite.
  7. I have this bag in the tri-colour tones. I love it to bits and the calf leather is nice and soft. I can't wait for the leather to soften up so the bag will look more relaxed.
  8. Thanks. And it has been glued to my arm ever since I got it. LOL! I LOVE it!
  9. There is a large turquoise one on hgbags.. Not sure if it's the same as peacock, but it doesn't hurt to look.. :p
  10. You're welcome! I use my black Cabas Cyck for work everyday...the leather keeps getting better and better. Continue the love!
  11. Today I was standing in line, at a restaurant, and a woman standing behind me nearly melted when she saw my bag. She then commented what a gorgeous bag it was and that she would love to have one. Then she asked whom it was by, and when I told her Yves St.Laurent, her excitement went to disappointment. She then said, "Oh, no wonder it's so gorgeous, but guess I won't be getting one". I kind of felt a pit in my stomach as she looked so hopeful to possibly find and purchase the same bag until she realized the price point.
  12. I would have felt the same way. Another way to look at it...perhaps this is something that may spark her hinting to a beloved one for as a special gift for let's say a big birthday, the holidays, etc. You never know the impression you can make will possibly make dreams come true!!
  13. True. I always say that where there's a will, there's a way. :smile:
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    You took the words out of my mouth!!
  15. I join the club :smile: I've juste ordered one in denim ... can't wait to receive it :smile: