What do we think about YSL Chyc Cabas?

  1. Oh it is called Opium? Lol, I thought it was "new-bone", I could not figure out what new bone is...:p:p:p, lucky that I did not purchase it, then I would get a color that I am not expecting. Call them, I think they would be able to locate one for you in the country.

  2. Thanks inesyi! I thought the new bone was kinda ivory-ish? I need to save for it though coz I recently made a purchase at the YSL boutique in Vegas! I took a pic of the girl's bag with her permission of curse LOL Isn't it gorgey!

  3. I just bought a Cabas ChYc in Black from Nordstrom and the more I wear it the more I'm in love with it!! I got the large since that's the size Nordstrom carries. However, I did try on the smaller one in the boutique and though it's roomy enough for all the essentials, I didn't feel the uniqueness of this bag. I love when I put everything in the large size and the weight kinda pulls down the bag and makes it looks more relaxed. I sold my Balenciaga Work because it's too slouchy and floppy. I think the large Cabas Chyc is between Bal Work and a rigid Hermes Birkin. I love the vintage look, not "worn out". Simply gorgeous!!
  4. I just got mine yesterday, the color is Anthracite and I love it....yesterday was the first day of that handbag in Neiman Marcus, and I got it....I just loooove it....it s not heavy, alot of room, elegant, just gorgeous....I will recommend this bag to everyone...I'll be posting pics very soon....
  5. ITA :smile:
  6. I have heard that there is a small size with a shoulder strap, has anyone heard of or seen this?
  7. image-4227916684.jpg

    Cobalt blue cabas id gorgeous
  8. I dream about this bag! Saw (and drooled) over one at Nordstrom's Palo Alto today
  9. Same here...I really like this bag, but I prefer structure. I am thinking the Prada Lux tote with zippers. I hear that keeps its structure. But I still love this one, because it looks like you can fit so much in there!
  10. Yes that is an amazing color...don't know if I am brave enough to pull it off though!
  11. I have not seen it in person, but here is a pic from farfetch.

    YSL cabas small.png

  12. yes. there is thread that i started " mini cabas chyc with shoulder straps" . you 'll see some modelling pics of tpfers that have purchased them already:smile: