What do we think about these Louboutins?

  1. I saw these and thought they were adorable and unique in an understated way. I'm pretty new to CL, so I just wanted to see what more seasoned shoppers thought of this shoe.
  2. I don't like the low heel and it's way too old for me. :p
  3. the description said it was a 3.5 in heel. the picture really doesn't look like that, to be honest. does anyone know the name of this shoe?
  4. That is definitely not 3.5 inches...
  5. I dont like them.
  6. Nay for me too.
  7. I think these might be nice for spring and/or summer, but overall they don't wow me... I think you could do better for your first pair of Louboutins.
  8. Don't have the wow factor I usually look for in CLs :nogood:
  9. yeah dont like it much. the heels are way too short
  10. Exactly. You could get that shoe a lot cheaper from a different designer.
  11. The heel is too low for my taste.
  12. I am not a fan, they are too ordinary and if this shoe did not have a red sole, I would never know that it was a Louboutin - there is nothing interesting about the style or details. I would pass, I think there are lots of other 'basic' styles by CL that are nicer than this. Sorry!
  13. Nay for me too. Nothing special about them.
  14. I'm not crazy about them - I definitely a 4-5" heel kind of girl!!
  15. I tried a pair on like this (they were full pumps though) at my Last Call. They weren't too bad- just a basic pump, but no wow factor. I passed on them.