what do we think about leather toile combination bags?

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  1. I really want a HAC in tan/gold or but i am starting to lean toward atoile/leather combo. I am in LOVE with the HAC listed by Hermes** on ebay......dont know if i can ever get one through Hermes though.
  2. I like the combos a lot..however...I held back from the birkin combo because I learned it does not have a full leather bottom - and for me that is not good! The bolide combos do....it might not make a difference but it might!

  3. that bottom thing does concern me................
  4. I'd love to have one someday. There are some gorgeous color combinations.
  5. I think they're gorgeous but with my obvious issues keeping food in the correct place (which means either in my mouth or on the plate and NOT on my scarves or bags), I always pass on these beauties!

    Maybe one day when I grow up I'll buy one.....but right now, it's out of the question for me!
  6. I have never found the toile bottom to be a problem. The bottom does not touch what it sits on because of the metal feet.
    A plus for toile...it does not scratch.
  7. Good point, golconda! I have two bags in the leather and toile combination and I just love them. I've found toile to actually be quite durable:tup:
  8. I have a Trim with leather/toile and GP the same. Have had the Trim longer and no issues at all. The GP is new, but with the leather bottom, I'm not going to worry. The toile is very hearty and has been treated to repel dirt. I do feel that the Birkin style with the toile bottom is a design mistake and I'm not crazy about that.
  9. That's so true! And the H spa can easily clean up almost anything that gets on the toile. I accidentally smeared shoe polish on the toile part on my H bag years ago and sent it to the spa. Came back and I couldn't even tell what part of the bag the polish was on! :yahoo:
  10. Allabout: Thanks for the tidbit! I always assumed nothinh could be done for toile if you got something on it! Now I can consider it for my wishlist!
  11. The toile combo bags are my all-time favourite Hermes bags. In fact, I have just picked up a lovely example in a Kelly from the boys at L-Z.
  12. ^^^

    I agree with GF. Toile bags are my all-time favorite H bags. So classic, so beautiful...
  13. i think the leather toile combination is beautiful! i think it looks very elegant and chic. I'd love to own one someday!

  14. DO YOU HAVE ANY PICTURES???????????????:yahoo:
  15. sooooon!!!!!!!!!

    It's arriving next week (I've asked them to send it late)....pics will follow, of course!!