What do we know about upcoming red bags?

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  1. I have been dying for a red bag for some time now. Looks like MK has two upcoming that I'm aware of - the quilted Hamilton and the Jet Set shoulder bag. I think of those 2 I'm actually leaning towards the Jet Set, but I'm afraid it's too big for me.

    Anyone know of anything else coming up in red?
  2. The MK website no longer has the dimensions of the bags on there which sucks - I need to know the dimensions.

    By the looks of things, that red Hamilton is the big one, and I only like the medium size. What do you guys think? This does look like the larger one, doesn't it? I hope it also comes in the smaller size.

  3. There's this one, Chrissy. It's not on the MK website but through Nordstrom.


    As you can see on the model it looks ginormous! I LOVE this bag and think the color is smokin hot. Found this bag by accident. Googled 'Oversized ID Chain' and this popped up when it was a preorder. Maybe that's a way to search for upcoming colors/leathers in styles already out? I agree that not having the dimensions on the MK site sucks. And I like to see interior shots. Us spoiled Coachies. :P

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  4. I know - we're so used to drilldowns and JAX calls months in advance of releases and spy pics!! We have a few things to learn to get up to speed over here! :P

    Thanks for this one though - I do LOVE it - now to see if I can get it into Canada for a reasonable price.

  5. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!! You weren't kidding about the size!! :wtf:

    17 inches - that is WWAAAYYYY too big for this 5 feet tall chick!! YIKES!! If it looks that big on that model who is probably 6 feet tall, it would look like I was carrying around a tent.

    A very nice red python embossed tent, but still a tent. :P
  6. i love the quilted one you posted crissy!!
  7. LOL Chrissy! It could double as a parachute, too. This is a bag you would need to see in person. The trend for big-a$$ bags is not going away, it seems.

    It would look gigantic on me, too BTW. There's a key clip inside though, at least they won't be lost. ;)

    As for spy pics, may have to try when I go to the outlet. We definitely need some spy pics around here.:ninja:
  8. I will never give in to the big bag trend. N.E.V.E.R. I think they look ridiculous on everyone - even that gorgeous model in that picture - and if it looks ridiculous on her I have no chance.

    Every time I look on the Coach forum of someone modelling a huge bag I think it looks stupid so I never, ever comment because I would never want to hurt anyone's feelings. But I think when this trend is overwith and people look back on those pictures, they will realize just how stupid a trend it really was.

    That's one thing that the Coach SAs agreed with me on. I tried on a the Julia tote once and the SA actually LOLed. She told me to turn to the side and see my reflection. You could just see my head and from the mid thigh down - it looked like I had one of those cardboard sandwich boards on.

    And don't even get me started on the Madison shoulder bags that everyone is going nuts on right now. That to me is just Coach running out of ideas.

  9. I understand where you are coming from, but for me being PLUS SIZE, the Madison is perfect -- it hangs on my like a 'regular' size bag would probably hang on you :smile:. Do you remember that Tartan Swing that you returned? Well, I am glad I didn't keep it because when I saw it on you, it looked great and proportional; when I tried it on again after bringing it home, among other things, it sat right under my arm-pit and looked like a little purse on me :sad:.

    I went and tried on some MK bags yesterday in the States and most of them were tiny against me. The Hamilton, which I was very interested in trying on, looked small next to me :sad:. Granted, I did not try on a jumbo size, but it was the large size and even DH said it looked awkward on me.
  10. ildera5 - point taken and I appreciate you explaining this to me, and you are completely right. I guess what makes me crazy is these skinny little chicks wanting to carry a bag that looks humongous on them. You are absolutely 100% right - it is all about proportion, and I just find most of the reveals I see for that Madison shoulder bag look ridiculous. Of course this is just my opinion, but it really amazes me that people think it looks good when they are hidden beneath a huge bag.

    I honestly haven't seen a reveal of someone modelling the Madison where proportionately it looks right. Of course I gave up looking at the Madison reveals because I know I'm going to hate how it looks, so figured there was no point. But maybe someone has done a reveal where the bag looks proportionate and I've missed it.

    This trend towards oversize watches also makes me nuts. I think fashion has just gotten into this oversize everthing because it's run out of ideas. I've seen some of the men's watches out there and it looks like they have Big Ben on their wrist. Again, I'm not talking the larger ones, I'm talking the EXTREME OVERSIZE ones.

    On another note - what did you think of the MK outlet US side? You know how disappointed I was in the Vaughan Mills one, just wondering if the US one was any better? Did they have a really big selection? How did it compare to the Coach Niagara outlet (Canadian one).

    Did you go to the Coach outlets on both sides? How did they compare to each other? Was one better than the other?

    Is that enough questions for you? :P

  11. New red handbag...I saw the black one a couple of weekends ago...it's a cute bag...it has tiny studs along the edge...I almost bought it but I really wanted the Layton hobo :P

    MICHAEL Michael Kors 'Ursula - Medium' Hobo
    Curvaceous leather hobo is punctuated with tiny goldtone dome studs and topped with an adjustable handle. A dangling cutout logo medallion brands the chic piece.

    * Top zip closure.
    * Interior zip, wall and cell phone pockets; key clip.
    * Logo-jacquard lining.
    * Leather.
    * By MICHAEL Michael Kors; imported.

    * item #330330
    * $278.00

    Dimensions: 12 1/4"W x 9"H x 4 1/2"D. (Measures medium.)
    Strap drop: 7".


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  12. I hear ya! I LOVE the way the bag looks, but you are right .. some of these skinny girls are swamped by the bags .. I am surprised that they are not pulling their shoulders out of their sockets .. LOL! If I liked having my picture taken, I would post a reveal of my Madison Shoulder bag.

    I haven't heard about the oversized watches though. I generally buy the men's watch if there is a choice because the women's one is too small for me, but sometimes the men's is pushing it, you know? I can only imagine how big these new ones are. Honestly, between the bags and the watches, we will be a society with either VERY strong arm muscles or dislocated wrists and shoulders .. >:smile:!

    MK -- I remember you saying how bad the Vaughan Mills outlet was so I KNOW you would have liked the one in NF, NY; it was WAAAY better! Now, the prices weren't as good as Coach's prices .. LOL! BUT most of the purses were 25% off and if they weren't then they were 40% and 50%. They had wallets for $99 and small messenger style purses too. I don't remember seeing any watches, but they could have had some. They had a very good selection of purses!! but again, the ones that I really liked were too small. They had ones like your yummy purple one, but they were all small size :sad:. They also had the same style as the newest one you got -- the black one with the gold chain links on either side ?Chain Python Hobo? -- they had it in Luggage, and some kind of print, I believe. They also had some Astors, some bags with rings for handles and some totes -- regular style and E/W.

    Coach -- went to both -- very similar with MFF items -- U.S. side is bigger I thought and they had different deletes. They actually had less deletes though than the Canadian side, but ones I would have considered getting if there had been a coupon. They had the Ashleys, but the one I wanted, again, they only had it in the smaller size .. sigh!

    Not quite 21 questions .. LOL!
  13. Hey Chrissy .. this size may work for you!! Of course, it will be a trillion $ here .. LOL! Well, maybe around $350 :sad:.
  14. Hey now! I'm one of those skinny girls :P:flowers:

    I love big bags and I cannot lie. But, I carry around a lot of stuff for my toddler, rather than have a diaper bag + purse. I gravitate towards bigger bags for that reason. Some day I hope to move into a smaller bag before I pull my shoulder out of my socket. LOL!!! :lol: Teasing!

    This bag looks fab. :heart:
  15. Sorry, foot in mouth again :shame::flowers: