What do we call ourselves again?

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  1. O.K. ladies thinking caps on.....who came up with that clever term a month or so ago (savvy?, CB?) for the Belen Echandia ladies? I can't remember and it's driving me crazy!!! Anyone?
  2. Belenista's! I was not the one who made that up though and dear GOD!!! what is that in your avatar?
  3. oh right!!! it wasn't you??? I thought for sure it was your clever-ness ;)

    It's a Cicada in my avatar---isn't it gross??!!! it's the soundtrack right now of these long august days....
  4. It wasn't me either - I used the word but I nicked it from someone else's post (:P:shame:smile: and I can't remember who it was!!
  5. I like it - sounds very classy - Belenista's!
  6. My fellow Belenista! Cicada, ehh??? Yucky, phooey.
  7. Well.....lookie here....if it isn't the two Belenista Chiquittas again! :rolleyes:
  8. ^^ I have not been posting much...but have always kept an eye out on my beloved BE. Actually, have been drooling over the MMS!
  9. You know, a Belenista here in Spain would be someone who loves to set up a Nativity scene with small statues at Christmas... Something like this:


    The term Belen means Bethlehem in Spanish and is also applied to Nativity scenes... Most of us set up a Nativity at home during Christmas and the children love playing with the small statues and making a mess of the whole thing...

    By the way, I am the supreme Belenista...
  10. Bag lovin', rockin', very cool Belenista's if you ask me!
    Belenista's rule!! :wlae::wlae:
  11. And you are ragging on me about my Lizard connection Poskie??????? :P

  12. Wow mariaabdc what a bag collection you have! You havent posted your purple LMM!! Which is your favourite? are you a BE convert now!!

  13. THanks...
    I didnt get a purple LMM, but preordered a pewter crash HM... though i must admit i was thinking about a grey LMmidi...
    Of course, I am a BE, Bal and Chloe convert... I like them all for different purposes... I am glad i discovered BE:heart: on that summer Sunday afternoon...