What Do We All Think Of The YSL Maia?

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  1. Do you think it looks too much like a marriage of the Muse and Rive Gauche? Is that a bad thing? (I think I like it.)
  2. Do you know how it opens... it looks like the flap is held closed with the lock. Surely there is an easier way to get in.:confused1:
  3. Ha--that would definitely be a drawback! I don't remember it hard to get into when I looked at it, but now I'm drawing a blank about the lock. I think it was just decorative?
  4. In an earlier thread, I said I thought the Maia bag was kind of so-so, but I may be warming up to it...


    On the lock, the versions of the Maia that I've seen in the window of my local YSL boutique show it without the lock on the front; it must attach somewhere on the side as well. (But then that leaves this empty-looking hook sticking out on the front of the bag where the lock would have gone.)

    Also, the bag comes in a gorgeous darker red color too, which really caught my eye.
  5. You know it's funny--I even responded in that thread and wasn't crazy about it. But now I think I like it more. Hmm. I think it's because I see the Muse a lot as I walk around NYC and I haven't seen this to the same extent, so it seems newer to me even though it's an earlier style.
  6. I like it, almost bought it, but didn't cos eventually felt it wasn't as versatile as a Chanel Luxe flap. But I do like it.
  7. I Love it!
  8. love, love, love it (and am thinking of getting it myself)! Saw it in person at the Boutique on 57th and have to say it was one of my faves of their new styles!
  9. I think I've lost interest--it IS impossibly designed. You ahve to unlock the lock to get into the bag. Or leave the lock off, which looks terrible and leave the bag open! Only a man could design a bag like this! LOL!
  10. I wonder if they were trying to be like the Birkin, which is worn open... but that bag works well that way.
  11. it's okay, i don't love it though...