What do we all think of the VGL Birkin in gold?

  1. My sister has the opportunity to get a gold 35 VGL P/H. Is it Cute or NOT, I like the Togo.
    Can VGL be cleaned.

  2. ALot of the members here love VL..........I think its a little stiff and artifcial looking for my taste. I think in a 35 somethinng softer like togo would be better.......yes it can be cleaned --it can all be cleaned but only BOX leather can be refinished---------all textured leathers all somewhat vulnerable. if their "texture" is removed, scraped or otherwise damaged it can not be restored--only touched up
  3. Good points.
  4. VL gold is lighter in colour (and weight too I THINK) than togo gold. Both are lovely grained leathers, VL slightly smaller grained and has a dewiness; togo is more matte. The biggest difference is rigidity - VL is a more rigid (with some gentle undulations) hard-wearing leather and togo is softer and slouchier so it depends on your personal preference in bag shape. VL is the most expensive leather and was originally used for Hermes luggage as it is so durable. I have bags in both (well, one is clemence gold but it's similar to togo) and they are both lovely but very different from each other; the VL will be more formal looking as it is more structured but for a 35cm you might appreciate the lighter weight.

    The pics show my gold clemence Picotin with a gold togo agenda next to it and the second photo is a close of my gold VL Kelly:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    clemencetogo2.jpg vlgold.jpg
  5. Thank you, I thought the VGL was delicate but if they made luggage then I will get it I need some thing that is durable.Why is it so expensive? I know my bags have been in the 8 to 9 range this one is 9 to 10 almost.is the leather that much better?
  6. I THINK it's because a lot of work has gone into the treatment and preparation of this natural grained leather, it is stretched and stretched in several directions to give it lightness AND durability. Maybe the dyeing process is more complicated too and the colour has an almost 2-dimensional effect and can look matte and sheeny depeding on the light. It is very beautiful but in my opinion, the photos never do justice to the beauty, you have to see it in real life, it is much more attractive.