What do we all think about the Blueberry First?

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  1. There is a Blueberry First on eBay at the moment, BNWT (Aloha Rag) for $975 SP. I need thoughts on the versatility of this bag. Also, if you were to get a Blueberry, what style would it be?
  2. I saw a blueberry first IRL and tried it on, the color is truely amazing!
    What versatility is concerned I don't know, I had a darkbrown suede coat and it clashed. I think the color isn't that easy to match even if it's gorgeous.
    What the style is concerned I think a blueberry day would be wonderful!
  3. Big fan of Blueberry. I have a day and just love a BIG bag in this color. A first would be so pretty too! Good luck w/ your decision. I've found the Blueberry to be one of the most versatile blues with jeans. Enjoy!

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  4. I think the blueberry color is gorgeous. Even my boyfriend picked that color out for the "Best First bag color" question i asked him.:graucho:
  5. HA! They're all great answers...Thanks
  6. the first is not really versatile....go for the city, it'd be lovely :smile:
  7. Can you fit everything you need in a first? Some people find the first perfect for all their needs. But for me I can't really go smaller than the city.

    As to the color, what colors do you normally wear? As Z&J said it goes very well with jeans which is what I normally wear and of course it goes well with black.
  8. i love the blueberry color!! I don't know how much i like it in a first though....i agree with z&j about the blueberry in bigger bag styles...but if a first is a practical size for you, the blueberry first would be nice! ALl in all, i :love: the blueberry.
  9. my first bag was a blueberry box, i LOVE the color, and wear it with almost everything! The first is a good size bag for me, but alot of girls prefer the city...
  10. totally LOVE blueberry - (i love BLUE) the first would be a great style... I like the blueberry in a FIRST, CITY and a DAY/HOBO! GO FOR IT!!!
  11. I have a Blueberry City and I use it ALL the time! :love:

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  12. This color is really stunning...very tempting!
  13. It is a very pretty color but for me a tad on the blue side. Not being a great fan of blue it is not for me. I think it would look great with jeans.

    The first size does hold alot if you are used to carrying small bags like I was. It fit all my stuff and then some when I got my first.

    The city is bigger. I can put all my stuff in from the first and it looks as if I put nothing in the bag. I love that I have all that extra room incase I need to add something to bring with me.