What do Vuitton Agenda Refills Come With?

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  1. hey guys. i just acquired this NEW groom pm agenda?


    needless to say what it came with was outdated but i am in the market for new inserts.

    i know filofax fits pocket size fits and i just purchased one for the rest of 2011 but i like for my week to start on sunday instead of monday


    i was wondering what the vuitton refills look like to see if their worth the extra $....or are there other brands that start the week on sunday that come in the small size

  2. let me specify. this is not only a brand question and its hard to tell from the pic on the site. i have seen stickers, lined pages, zip envelopes. etc...

    what comes with the agenda (is it worth the price)
    does the week start on sunday

    and i have checked my local stores, not sure if its b/c of the size but there arent many choices in this area for the pm size. nothing at staples and a few office (mom & pop) stores have little variety
  3. There are different "types" of LV refills. There's the full set that has the monthly and weekly sheets, address book, ruler, separators, zip pocket, credit card holders, stickers, etc. Then there are the week (or day) refills that are just the part where you would write down your appointments and such. The last option is the same weekly/daily sheets with an added address book.

    If you're looking to get all the basics, then get the full kit, then you can get weekly/daily refills from anywhere; the binders are standard sizes. Not really worth the extra cost and they sell out quickly at the boutiques, so you may not always get your hands on them.
  4. Thank you
  5. you can find them on ebay by typing in "agenda refill for LV" or LV calendar 6 ring PM