What do u think?

  1. Hey everyone, I had a was wondering what you guys thought about the papillion on Let Trade. Is it worth it or even the Musette Salsa shoulder bag? I want to pick up wither one for my grandmother witch one do you like or should i get both? thanks in advance
  2. the musette salsa looks a lot better than the papillon
    and another option in the same range of price would be the looping mm
  3. I saw that one but i dont think my grandmother would like that one. I dont wana spend a lot cuz i bought her the cabas mezzo last year and she never used it!! so i wana find shometing else for her.
  4. she never used it???
    lol... well it depends which kind of woman is your grandmother
    the papillon looks more elegant and the musette looks very relaxed for everyday (I'd go for the musette)
    u are nice to your grandmother :yes:
  5. Musette Salsa. Does your grandmother like a shoulder bag even?
  6. she loves shoulder bags
  7. do you know why she does not use the cabas mezzo? too large, prefers non logo bags?
    if too large and she likes mono and shoulder bags, go with the musette.
    you are the sweetest grandson!
    good luck!
  8. I like the musette.
  9. Its most likely too large for her so thats why im eyeing smaller bags that can go over her shoulder. But in case she dosent like it I dont have to spend full price, she always uses her trocodaro.
  10. Sounds like she likes classic neat little bags. You're a sweetie of a grandson. I hope she likes the smaller bag you're getting her. Let us know. Good luck!
  11. Get both! :p

    I would choose the Musette Salsa.
  12. I would go for the Musette Salsa. I have one (long strap) and I love it! It is so convenient, and you can put a surprising amt. of stuff inside despite its small size.
  13. You are such a sweetheart! I've actually eyed that papillon (not that I need it); hmm....I think you can get a better condition one at a similar or slightly higher price. Get the Musette Salsa!

    What about the Danube that's up there? It's not big and it's pretty cheap...I think...
  14. insted i took her to the store (Paramus best LV ever)and she picked out the epi noe lol far from what i thought she would have liked. but she wouldnt let me pay for it so now i gota keep searching for another bag for her.
  15. Musette Salsa seems more appropriate for an older lady. :yes: