What do u think ?!?

  1. Hi... it's me

    since i never post my self pic
  2. the Sorbonne looks great. i can't wait for summer... still too cold for sandals here in Melbourne.
  3. thanks deluxeduck... auckland is still cold as well... i just enjoys wearing sandals :P
  4. ^ dont forget to mention that he is as handsome as his bag :tender:

    **hot flashes**:tender:
  5. haha.. thanks prada :biggrin:
  6. I like this bag! you look hot!
  7. Great picture!
  8. Great pics...
  9. Nice pic! Welcome to tPF!:flowers:
  10. Love your bag~~you look hot!!!
  11. Very Nice!! :yes:
  12. Nice pic, welcome to the pf:flowers:
  13. I love the style, great pic! And welcome to tPF :smile:
  14. Thanks for posting the picture!
  15. You look great! Welcome to tPF!:flowers:
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