What Do U Think?

  1. I love 'em!
  2. pretty!
  3. These are really pretty Jill.

    First thought that comes to mind...you are so slim and can wear anything. What I envision, a black or very dark pencil skirt... off white/hint of beige classic button down blouse (sleeves rolled up a bit...little exposure of the cleavage)...large size, but short pearl necklace or no necklace and a chunky gold bracelet going solo. I am thinking of that Carolina Herrara look that she wears so well.
  4. I would go with a similar color blouse or jacket and black pants or skirt. They would look great with beige pants also.
  5. Love the shoes. I would go with a light top with clean lines and then dark pants to accentuate the shoes!
  6. I love it! :smile: I guess that I am addicted to the "bow"
  7. honestly I find them too dainty for you jill, like something you should wear 10 years from now.
  8. Jill I think they are super cute!

    I think you could totally wear a tuxedo pant with a oxford shirt or a pencil skirt with a sating top a similar color of the shirt!
  9. hot! how about a light colored skirt?
  10. Like these very much.
  11. i love these! you always have such enviable purchases to share...you could definitely wear these with so many outfits...but probably more of a late spring/summer shoe? (not sure how well the linen bows hold up in Winter weather, assuming you have snow where you are...)