What do u think?

  1. Hi everyone, what do you think of damier naviglio for ladies?coz the bag is great for travelling, however, it looks like a big bulky square bag to me.:wlae:
  2. I think it's a great unisex bag! Especially for traveling!
  3. damier naviglio is unisex, more importantly u must feel good when carrying the bag :smile:. try it in the boutique if possible as u may feel totally different about the bag after trying :yes:.
  4. I can try to find modeling pics on Rakuten... lemme see if I can find an example of the bag on a mannequin.
  5. my friend got one and it's a great bag. She been using it for a long time.. very durable.
  6. i think the naviglio is a great unisex bag, great for when you need your hands free. There is also the damier azur available if you want something a little more feminine (still unisex). Definately wouldnt look strange on a woman though!
  7. I think it's defo unisex, if i were to buy it i would get it in Azur, soooo pretty!
  8. Yea i would say girlies can carry it off, if you like it then go for it!
  9. Thanx for the opinions :smile:, I was thinkin' of azur in the beginning but since azur is so easy to get dirty *hard use*,I would go for damier.;)
  10. Def. unisex