what do u think on this silverado

  1. hi! i'm new to chloe, so far i only have one edith. and my friend wanted to sell this silverado, i am tempted to buy it from her.
    i don't know the style name.
    what do u think about this bag? anyone have this? is it a great bag?
    i might have to sell one of my lv or balenciaga if i decided to buy this. :crybaby:
    help me please...
    DSCN1662.jpg DSCN1655.jpg DSCN1657.jpg DSCN1659.jpg
  2. that's the silverado doctor bag. I love it but in the brownish hues...pretty if you like green though!
  3. thanks twinklette. i do fall in love with this green colour :love:
  4. I personally like silverado but i don't like it in this shape. However, the color is pretty. if you like it, go for it but please!!! don't sell your bbag.
  5. thanks Meandmybags :smile:
    but i honestly can't afford more bag :P so if i decided to have this, i have to let one go :crybaby:
  6. I own a few balenciagas, and several Chloes and one thing that is a great Chloe selling point is the beautiful, thick leather. Especially for those of us who bang :shame: around our bags. I have a teal silverado- The color is spectacular, although I have to get rid of it. I just own way too many silverados!!!:shrugs:
  7. thanks rolexgirl ...
    do you happen to have this doctor bag style?
    is it comfy on the shoulder. i myself found a balenciaga city not so comfortable in the shoulder
  8. I don't have the doctor style, just the medium silverado in the teal (sapin). The silverado medium size fits perfectly under my shoulder! I am afraid I would lose everything in the larger doctor size, including my head! :wacko:
  9. i got this used, and luckily it's not THAT high till i have to sell myslef on the street. i just have to sell 2 bag :crybaby:
  10. What shape do you like? I have a brown hobo (single strap with zipper) silverado that was a great deal at Bloomingdales that I'm trying to decide whether to keep. It's beautiful but after carrying Balenciagas everything feels bulky and heavy....
  11. i have it and it does fit on my shoulder but only with a thin sweater or jacket, definitely not a winter coat...hope that helps!?
  12. thanks nycmom :P
  13. Seahorseinstripes, just wondering if this bag has a frame around the top? Thanks!
  14. this one is with the zipper top.
    i haven't been able to take more pics. this is the pic i took yesterday
  15. I have this style in the 2 tone brown. I love it. I also find that this bag, although rather large, is not that heavy. And the handles do fit over my shoulder. It won't fit over the shoulder with a winter coat. I've gotten many complements on this model and I love the teal color.:heart: