what do u think of this??

  1. cles hanging from a wapity
    DSC03491.JPG DSC03492.JPG
  2. There's too much going on! If you had something much smaller than the cles, it would look better...
  3. exactly :yes:. the Cles and Wapity are almost the same size, so it's like two regular bags hanging off each other
  4. Not a fan really.

    If it was something smaller like a speedy inclusion keychain, that'd be better !
  5. I agree with wht has been said already. I think the wapity is probably too small to hang anything off of it.
  6. They're too close in size. Doesn't look that good together.
  7. Stylewise, it's not the best but if you're doing it for function, then why not? Reminds me of how people have keychians that have tons of keys on them.
  8. Too much.
  9. that´s what I was thinking, that´s why I posted pics first... I always use my wapity with my cles but not attached, I keep the cles in my pants pocket, so I don´t have to looking around for coins in the little pocket of the wapity. It´s usegul to use both together but, yep I agree the wapity is too little to hold the cles. Sadly i can´t fit it in the other.
  10. not a fan, its too busy.
  11. i agree, it's a bit too much.
  12. Looks like something got tangled together...
  13. Same pattern and same size....I dont care for it :sad:
  14. looks heavy....